How to Choose the Best Basement Flooring

New Flooring for your basement can revitalise not only the room, but also the whole house.   The basement is an incredibly diverse room in your house. It can act as an extra bedroom, a useful storage space, a new office for your home business or you can even a chill-out room and home cinema! To […]

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Benefits of Laminate Flooring

If you are looking for new flooring for your home/business. Here is our top guide to the benefits and disadvantages of laminate flooring. First step in deciding on a rooms interior design is working out the best type of flooring to go for. Although options include hardwood, carpet, vinyl and laminate, if you are looking […]

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Carpet Cleaning Myths You Didn’t Know About.

There are loads of myths around how to get the most pristine carpets. Here, we go over some of these myths and tell you how to make sure your carpet looks it’s best.   Carpet Cleaning techniques range widely. However, modern techniques that have been used have resulted in the exacerbation of many new carpet […]

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Living Room Décor and Flooring Trends

This article tells about the latest trends for living room décor and flooring A living room, sometimes also termed as ‘lounge room’, is actually a room for relaxing and socializing. The living room is actually the heart of every home. It is a place where you can gather around with family and friends and you […]

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wigan laminate flooring cleaning steam mop don'ts

Some “Don’ts” of a Steam Floor Mop

This informative article explains some of the very important things that you mustn’t do to your steam floor mop A steam mop is a different kind of mop which uses steam to clean carpet roll ends and other types of floors like laminate flooring in the house. Unlike a regular or simple mop, a steam […]

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carpet for children

The Best Flooring for Your Family

These options may be the best for you if you have a family If you are giving a thought to redo your floors, there can sometimes be a lot of confusion on what to choose. On the top of that, if you have children in the family, the confusion gets worse, since you have to […]

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new decorated room

New and Great Flooring Trends

This article provides some of the newest and best flooring options Flooring defines your house. Good and practical flooring provides you comfort and certain warmth every time your feet or eyes fall on it. The economy is not in a particularly good condition at the moment but flooring is still driving trends. Updating or changing […]

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