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Who’s Lifting What: Roles and Responsibilities During Carpet Installation

A new carpet might be one of the most effective and immediate transformations you give to your home, but before you revel in the soft, inviting expanse of fresh underfoot luxury, there’s the matter of what happens beneath and around it on the installation day.

The Uplift and Move: Who’s in Charge?

The decision on who is responsible for the uplift of old carpets and moving of furniture can vary. However, in most cases—about 90%—customers are responsible for these tasks. Clearing the room where the new carpet or flooring will be installed, as well as disposing the old carpet properly, falls under the customer’s to-do list.

It’s vital to check the terms of your installation service, as some retailers or third-party fitters might offer additional services for an extra fee. They could arrange for the uplift of your old carpet and its responsible disposal or facilitate moving your furniture either themselves or through a partnered service.

Your Uplift and Move To-Do List

Step 1: Room Preparation

Begin by removing any small items from the room. This includes lamps, plants, and anything that sits directly on the floor. Try to get your room as empty as possible. This isn’t just for the carpet fitters’ ease but for the safety of your belongings.

Step 2: Furniture Removal

You’ll need to clear the room of all furniture. For larger items, like sofas or wardrobes, it’s best to empty them out and disassemble if necessary. If you’re not able to do this on your own, consider enlisting help from friends or professionals. Some third-party services can be arranged through the store where you purchased your carpet.

Step 3: Old Carpet Disposal

Be mindful of how you dispose of your old carpet. Some localities offer bulk waste pickup, while others require a trip to the local tip or recycling centre. For environmental reasons particularly, it’s worth ensuring you choose the latter if applicable.

Seeking Professional Help

If the idea of eliminating old carpets and playing a real-life game of furniture Tetris isn’t appealing, there are, thankfully, professionals who can help. Companies that specialise in this type of work are especially equipped to manage the lifting and removal of old flooring, as well as the moving of furniture. While this service will add to the installation cost, the peace of mind and saved time might very well be worth it.

Planning for Precious Cargo

During the shuffle, make sure to take care of any items that hold personal or financial value. Secure your electronics and other fragile possessions where they won’t be easily knocked over. If you’re using professionals for removal, they should carry insurance in the event of accidental damage, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Advice from the Experts

Carpet fitters are not removal experts, they’re flooring experts. There’s a reason dedicated uplift teams exist. If you are uncomfortable with the heavy lifting or feel unprepared to manage the process, find a dedicated uplift and removal service. It’s likely to mean a more seamless experience all around, and you can step back knowing your old carpet and furniture are in good hands.

Final Stitches

Remember that the success of your carpet installation experience rests partly in the preparation you put into it. Plan ahead, consider your options, and make informed decisions. You deserve for the installation to be as effortless as possible, setting the stage for you to fully enjoy the new look and feel of your home.

A Step Towards Effortless Installation

Don’t let the logistics of carpet installation daunt you. Enquire now about our exclusive Diamond Uplift and Removal service at Urmston Carpets, where we provide a comprehensive solution for your flooring needs. Or in partnership with Uplifting Services Ltd, we handle everything from moving furniture to responsibly disposing of your old carpet. Seize the opportunity for a full ‘new flooring day’ service designed to afford you complete peace of mind. Contact us today to discuss how we can create an effortless installation experience for you.

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