Carpets and
carpet remnants

Carpets and
carpet remanents


With over 500 rolls of Carpets and Carpet underlay always in stock, together with over 1,000 samples in our VIP area, we have a simply unbeatable choice of Carpets to suit any room in the home, ranging from Hard Wearing Berber Carpets, Stain Resistant Carpets, Sumptuous Saxony Carpets and Luxury Wool Carpets.

Amazingly, our prices range from just £2.99 to over £50 per square metre and all Carpets are FITTED FREE when purchasing Underlay.  We probably have the largest selection of beautiful quality but still cheap carpets in Manchester. The exclusive VIP Collection carries high end quality Carpets at terrific value for the more discerning customer and includes luxury deep pile Wilton, 100% Wool Berbers, Heavy Duty 50oz Wool Twists and deep pile Saxony’s, together with our Stainfree Multiwidth Collection, featuring 1/2/3/4/5 metre width Carpets to assist in minimising waste and avoiding unnecessary joins.

Roll - Ends / Remnants /
Off - Cuts

We have hundreds of room size Roll Ends / Remnants to fit rooms large and small, with many of these at well under £100, our amazing Factory Clearance Roll Ends represent excellent value for money as we clear surplus and discontinued rolls from the UK and Europe’s largest manufacturers.

These roll ends and remnants are superb quality at amazing prices and are available for instant collection or FITTED FREE when you buy any of our unbeatable underlays. We also have a massive selection of 5 metre width roll ends for those larger size rooms. Most of our roll ends and remnants can also be fitted on Hall, Stairs & Landings.

Price Comparison

based on Emperor carpet being fitted in a typical 4.20m x 4m room with new 10mm underlay, new grippers and 1 new doorplate.

Carpet price


10mm underlay





Total price

Urmston Carpets Warehouse









National carpet retailer









Wool blend carpets

Wool comes from sheep or OVIS ARIES if you like to get technical!  The look, feel and quality of a carpet is largely dependent on the type of yarn fibres used to make it. Carpets usually suffer very harsh treatment from shoes, furniture, grit, dirt and vacuum cleaners. The pile must retain its looks and density, and so must be very hard wearing to withstand years of everyday use.  We pride ourselves in having a large selection of 80/20 Wool Roll Ends and Remnants in stock in both 4 & 5m width which are all at a fraction of the usual retail price.  Many of our special order carpets are also wool-rich.

Wool is recognised as one of the best fibres to use when manufacturing carpet as it’s naturally flame-retardant, durable, very easy to clean and retains its appearance extremely well. It offers softness and ease of cleaning, doesn’t flatten easily and resists abrasion and dirt. It has natural insulation properties which is good for reducing both heat loss and noise. Wool is also a sustainable fibre, and it’s recommended that wool should be used for carpet either in a pure 100% form or in a blend with other fibres with at least 50% wool. However, it’s much more expensive than man-made fibres, so the most common carpet fibre blend is 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibre mix, as this combines the best properties of both and keeps costs reasonable.

Woven carpets are crafted using a traditional weaving technique where the pile yarns and backing fabric are joined together. This creates a carpet that’s hardy and stable, with a wonderful rugged texture. You can choose from two types of woven carpets – Axminster’s or Wilton’s.  Both offer brightly coloured and patterned carpets in panel or floral designs along with more contemporary and subtle designs. We also have a large selection of rustic and plain carpets to choose from in our fantastic woven collections. These offer traditional and contemporary designs, some of which are hand carved after production around the pattern to give each carpet its own unique finish. The carving gives added depth to the design and it looks and feels magnificent under foot. We also stock roll-ends of Wilton and Axminster at bargain prices.


Saxony carpets are deep, thick and feel fantastic under foot. They have a slightly longer pile which you can really sink your toes into. They come in many different finishes from soft, shaggy and loose to heavy, deep and dense. Many are 2-ply yarns for added durability and style. If you would like a luxurious looking carpet that is soft under foot, then this is a great choice of carpet. Our Deep Pile Saxony Carpets are probably our best selling carpets, giving a luxurious look to any room. Many are stain-resistant and very durable. Suitable throughout the home however particularly well suited to use as bedroom carpet and living room carpet.

Loop pile carpets are tough, durable and stylish. They can be made from synthetic fibres such as polypropylene or natural fibres such as Wool, Sisal or Sea grass. The loops lengths are varied to give a different look and feel to each type of carpet, manufacturers can create a lovely textured effect that you will want to run your fingers over. Because they’re tough and hard-wearing loop pile carpets are great for most areas of your home, from your hall, stairs and landing right through to your lounge and bedrooms.

Twist pile carpets are great for busy families. They’re made from twisting the yarn fibres tightly together, which makes them hardwearing, durable and easy to look after. You can choose between two types of twist: plain and heather. Both have a lovely even surface that’s springy underfoot. The plain and heather shades come in lots of colours, weights and finishes. The heather twists are less likely to show marks – so they are ideal for high traffic areas such as your hall, stairs and landing or living rooms. Most are stain resistant and therefore perfect for families.

A pattern brightens up and gives warmth to even the dingiest of rooms, whether you’re making a statement in your hallway with stripes or a bold panel design, or styling your lounge with floral or classical motifs, patterns can be dramatic, adventurous and fun.  A pattern carpet will give your home character and they are also great at hiding marks and most are stain-resistant too.

Say goodbye to unsightly carpet stains with our range of stain-resistant carpets here at Urmston Carpets.
From muddy paws to spilt drinks, our carpets can take a lot over the years.
Perfect for busy family homes, our stain-resistant carpets are made from 100% polypropylene or Stainsafe or Stainfree fibres, so they’re easy to maintain and ideal for any room of the house. 
They’re especially suited to busy areas like stairs, hallways, lounges, and dining areas where the risk of staining is highest.
Our collection includes striking patterns, sophisticated plains and textured loops in a full range of stylish colours – including whites, beiges, creams and ever popular greys that you can rest assured will stay looking pristine!

the right choice for you

Our experienced team of advisors and estimators will guide you through the carpet selection process ensuring that you get the best quality carpet and the right type of product for your particular installation. We also guarantee to give you the best service and value for money possible.  

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Our most frequently asked questions

We have over 500 rolls of carpet and carpet roll ends / remnants in stock today. We have carpets to suit every style and budget, from bargain room size roll ends for under £30 to high quality prestige collections at seriously discounted prices. We specialise in surplus and clearance stock from the UK and Europe’s largest manufacturers so you’re sure to find something. If you have seen a product at another carpet retailer we will probably have the same product available but under a different name as the national retailers change the names on all their products to try and stop people shopping around.


If the flooring is in stock we can usually fit within 24 hours if you’re in a real hurry! Otherwise book your fitting day in store at your leisure. Special orders usually take a couple of days to a week or two depending on whether it is coming from the UK or Europe. Your sales advisor will be able to give you an idea of how long an order will take when you place the order in store.

We regularly keep customer orders in our warehouse for several weeks while you get your decorating finished off, comfortable in the knowledge that your new flooring is ready to be fitted once you are ready.

Yes we do, please click on the Pay Weekly Carpets section of the website.

Please refer to our “How to Measure” page. This will give you an idea of how to do a simple plan of any area.
Bring this plan with you and we will be able to block plan your sizes to give you a price in store. We will often check-measure complicated areas or rooms free of charge to confirm sizes and price and also our fitters often prefer to cut up carpets in store rather than at your property.

When you usually buy carpets you will find it costs you quite a lot to have the carpet fitted professionally. But not with Urmston Carpets as our amazing free fitting offer means you get free fitting for your carpets when you buy the equivalent size of any of our fantastic value for money underlays. Our underlay products are all top quality, and will help to make your carpet feel more luxurious underfoot whilst also protecting your carpet and extending its lifetime. You also get free delivery, free grippers and doorplates for those areas. We do apply a small surcharge of £30 for fitting carpet on stairs.


If you have existing underlay that is in good condition and don’t wish to take advantage of our fantastic free fitting offer we can arrange the fitting of your new carpets on your existing underlay for a minimal charge.
Carpet Fitting is £3.50 per metre, minimum £35 with free delivery included
Our Stair surcharge is an additional £30 Please bear in mind that all manufacturers of carpet recommend that carpet is fitted on new underlay to comply with their guarantees and warranties.