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What Carpet, Which Room? Your Ultimate Guide!

The Ultimate Carpet Room Guide for Your Home

When decorating your home, choosing the right carpet is crucial. It’s not just about picking a colour that fits your taste; it’s about selecting a carpet that suits the function and style of each room. Here’s your comprehensive guide to the best carpets for different rooms, curated by the experts at Urmston Carpets.

Halls, Stairs and Landings

For halls, stairs, and landings – the thoroughfares of your home – durability is key. These high-traffic areas need a hardwearing carpet that can withstand constant footfall. Opt for carpets that are dense and bleach cleanable so they can survive the wear and tear they’ll inevitably face. Twist pile carpets with a robust underlay will offer both the resilience and comfort you need.

Stair Runners

Stair runners are a stylish and practical choice, adding elegance and grip to your stairs. Select a runner with a bold pattern or a striking design to create a focal point. They should have a good weight and thickness to ensure they endure over time.

Through Lounges

In through lounges, where space flows from one area to another, consistency is key. Consider dense pile twists or saxonies that feel luxurious underfoot, yet are durable enough to handle regular use. A single, continuous carpet can unify the space and make it seem larger.


Comfort is paramount in bedrooms, where a soft touch underfoot makes all the difference. Go for a luxuriously soft saxony or a plush pile that invites you to sink your toes in.


Lounge areas call for comfort combined with style and durability. A luxurious deep pile saxony provides comfort and warmth, perfect for areas where you relax. Alternatively, a hardwearing twist pile can withstand the frequent use often seen in family living rooms.


For playrooms, you need something that’s both soft for play and resilient for spills and stains. Stain-resistant carpets that can be easily cleaned will take the stress out of messy play. A medium-weight twist carpet is often a good, practical choice here.

When choosing carpets, you should always consider the room’s function, the level of foot traffic, and your personal style. With this guide, you’ll be able to select carpets that not only look great but are also the perfect fit for your home’s various needs.

Remember that beyond the type of carpet, the colour and pattern will also contribute to the atmosphere you wish to create. With these considerations in mind, head over to Urmston Carpets to find the ideal carpet for every room in your home.

Vinyl and Laminate Flooring

In addition to carpets, vinyl and laminate flooring play a vital role in complementing the aesthetics and functionality of various rooms in your home, particularly kitchens, utility rooms, and conservatories. These areas require flooring that not only looks appealing but can also withstand moisture, spills, and heavy traffic. Vinyl flooring offers a water-resistant and durable solution, making it ideal for kitchens and utility rooms where spills are more likely. It’s available in a wide range of designs, from realistic wood and stone effects to bold patterns, allowing you to tailor the look to your exact preference. Laminate flooring, on the other hand, is perfect for conservatories and other high-traffic areas due to its durability and ease of maintenance. It replicates the appearance of natural wood but stands up better against wear and tear, retaining its beauty over time. Both flooring options provide a practical and stylish alternative to carpet, ensuring that all areas of your home are covered.

Discover the perfect flooring solution for every room in your home with our expert help at Urmston Carpets. From luxurious carpets to durable vinyl and laminate flooring, we have everything you need to turn your house into a home. Don’t miss out on our full service experience – visit today and start crafting the perfect living space with the help of our friendly and knowledgeable team. Your dream floors are just a click away!

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