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Maintaining a carpet in a home with pets

Your guide to maintain your carpet at home, if you have pets!

Sure, good carpets look very beautiful and fancy in homes but keeping them clean and tidy at all times can prove to be quite a bit of a headache if you have pets at home. You may also face problems in the form of moulting, unwanted smell and stains. This article guides you on how to maintain your carpets at home with some really effective and easy-to-do tips.

Worried about maintaining the carpets at home due to your pets, this is your guide!

Choose your colour carefully

Carpet that is of a darker colour is better at hiding pet hair and stains than others. Light shades should be avoided if you have a dark haired pet and vice versa.

Plus, don’t forget muddy paw prints; dark and patterned carpets hide dirt well, light coloured carpets don’t!


By regularly grooming and bathing your pet you can keep carpet dirtying to a minimum – if your pet is clean, your carpet will be also.

Wiping pets’ paws before they enter carpeted rooms can also keep unwanted dirt and mud away.

Removing pet hairs

When you have a nice new carpet fitted, the last thing you need is to see hairs from moulting pets lining the surface.

Get the vacuum on the carpet as soon as possible. Some newer vacuums have accessories fitted for this very purpose. Alternatively, run a damp mop or sponge along the surface to pick up stray hairs. Make sure you do not soak the carpet.

The type of carpet

The other option is to go for a stain-resistant carpet, such as Polypropylene – which is resistant to stains due to the colour being locked in during the manufacturing stage.

Polypropylene is not only durable but it’s also fade resistant and much lower in price than many other carpets, making it fantastic value for money.

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