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Maintain The Fresh Look and Feel of Your Carpet

These tips will allow you to maintain the visual appearance of your carpets

Carpets are quite the popular choice as they provide warmth, luxury and a soft touch on the feet. With plenty designs to choose from you won’t leave the shop without flooring. If you are re-decorating then why don’t you bring in a sample of paint or wallpaper etc so you can match them up with the flooring.

If you are going from hard wood or laminate flooring or any other then sometimes it can be a bit daunting to make that big change but with expert advice from our team you will definitely make the right decision that suits you.

Read the complete article to learn how to keep your carpet in mint condition!


Regular care

Frequent vacuuming will help keep soil and debris from becoming embedded in carpet. Soil can pit and scratch carpet fibers, so regular vacuuming helps maintain that new look. High traffic areas should be vacuumed two to five times weekly. Light traffic areas may require twice weekly vacuuming, but don’t forget to go over non-traffic areas like corners once a week to keep dust from building up.

Goodbye snags and dents

If sprouts or tufts — those snags that show above the carpet surface — appear, don’t pull them! Clip or cut them with scissors. You can remove a dent caused by furniture placement by dampening the area with a white rag, then heating the spot with a hair dryer as you “rake” the carpet with your fingers. Do not let the heat make direct contact with the carpet.

Author: Vicki Clinebell

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