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Guide to Choose Your Floor

This article presents a guide which will enable you to choose the perfect floor

Flooring is extremely important in your home. Finding the perfect flooring that best works for you can be a little hectic at times. Your style, personality and needs all affect the type of flooring you should opt for. This article presents a small, concise and meaningful guide that can help you choose the best flooring for your house.

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What style suits your taste and your home?


What is the size and shape of the room? Is the room bright and full of sunlight or darker with fewer windows?

Light floors make a room feel more spacious and can brighten up darker areas of your home, whilst mid-toned materials can add warmth to a space.


What colours feature most in your current decor OR what colours will you be incorporating into your newly designed space?

Natural colours are easy to match with furniture and fittings – what’s more, natural designs will keep looking great as your change and update your furnishings over the years.

The Finishing Touches

Would you like to personalize your floor with design strips, borders or other bespoke features?

By using design strips and borders, you can easily zone your space and highlight architectural features. Or, go for bespoke features to make your home truly unique and original.

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