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Design Opportunities for Flooring

Some advice from the biggest names in the industry

Flooring is extremely important and vital for a home. There are many reasons for which it is said important. It is a major part and consideration for the home. It can be used to set the tone of a room or location in the home, it can also be used to inject some personality into a space or room in the home, it can make or break the overall visual appearance of the home, it can make the home outstanding and luxurious and most important of all, it can be the most important part in providing you comfort in the home.

Visual appearance and looks of the home also count, provided you have the liberty and budget to take care of it. If you are tight on budget, these things become less important and it becomes more important that the flooring is neat, tidy, clean and robust. The flooring must also be easier to maintain and it should feel comfortable under the feet. The advancements in science and technology has also brought some stunning designs and visuals. Things like 3D effects and luxury vinyl are also common these days by dint of this technological advancement. This article is a compilation and collection of the best and the most gorgeous of designs presently available in the market. These designs and inspirational ideas are from the biggest players and names in the industry of flooring and these amazing ideas are bound to provide your interior a dazzling and breath-taking look.

Want to learn awesome design opportunities for your home flooring? You need to read the complete article!

A Quick Note on The Materials

Flooring choices have come a long way from simply choosing between carpet and floorboards. Now, there are a multitude of attractive and durable materials which will add the wow-factor and provide comfort.


Resin is made from a chemical interaction between two polymers which, when combined, ‘fuses’ with concrete, making one seamless layer. The result is an extremely tough floor which is also slip resistant.


Vinyl is rapidly overtaking linoleum as an attractive and practical flooring choice. Vinyl is also slip resistant and provides a warmer touch underfoot than stone or ceramic tile flooring.

Create continuity between your outside space and indoor space to make your rooms seem bigger

If you have patio doors or bi-fold doors flooring is instrumental in ensuring continuity between your garden and your interior. Use decking outside and wooden boards inside and ensure they point in the same direction.

Even when the doors are closed, having similar flooring on your patio and your living room will help give the sense of the space being “projected” through the glass and make the inside space feel much larger.

Even if different materials are used or different colours, the alignment of the boards will help create a sense of flow.

Use ceramic tiles that imitate wood if you don’t want wood floor

If you don’t want wooden floors in your interior, there are ceramic tiles available which offer the look of wooden boards, but are available in different colours to add a pop of personality to the interiors.

The Graffiti range from Topps Tiles is a great example of how cleverly designed ceramic tiles can be used in place of wood to create an ultra-modern finish.

You can match other patterns of flooring as well as the elongated look of floorboards and decking. Parquet flooring inside the home, which has been laid in a square pattern, can be replicated outside the home with patio stones laid in a similar pattern. Even though the materials are different, the similar design will be enough to make a connection between the two spaces.

Use Patterned Ceramic Tiles for a Retro Look

Ceramic tiles can also be used to embrace the industrial trend and the ever-popular retro trend. Retro patterns work fantastically well with industrial style furniture which incorporates metals and luxurious fabrics such as leather.

Tara Rees, Brand Manager at Fired Earth, believes that patterned ceramic tiles can work in every room in the house and retro inspired patterns would certainly make an impact in the living room. Tara said, “Tiles are playing a starring role in interiors, with a definite trend towards using them throughout the home rather than just in kitchens, bathrooms and hallways as we’ve traditionally tended to use them in Britain. With such an exciting array of colors, patterns and shapes to choose from, there are tiles for every style of home. There’s endless potential for getting creative, and bold geometric designs such as Fired Earth’s Trellis porcelain tiles are particularly popular at the moment”.

The versatility of tiles mean that they can be used in any part of the home as the designs available are limitless. You can even mix up a couple of different bold patterns to create a truly unique retro inspired design in your home. Tiles lend themselves particularly well to traditionally styled interiors, which brings us onto another hot trend of the season – the classics.

Get Classic Style with Monochrome Tiles

Classically styled interior design takes its influence from Europe’s grand homes, which match eclectic dark wood furniture covered in opulent fabrics with traditional heritage paints and patterned ceramic tile floors.

Patterns in monochrome are an ideal choice if you want a very traditional look with influences from the Victorian era. Black and white (or grey and cream) are a popular choice for kitchens and lend themselves very well to modern interiors as well.

Coloured tiles can also be used to inject a Mediterranean twist to a room with classic patterns and shades inspired by the country kitchens of Italy and Spain.

Anuraag Parashar, Tile Buyer at Topps Tiles said, “Decorative tiles in striking colours such as blues, greens and reds, make a statement in any room, and offer an immediate uplift for a tired room. Francisco Segarra tiles offer a nod to the Mediterranean with intricate detail and an encaustic effect. Produced using advanced digital printing techniques, the latest patterned tiles also benefit from being affordable and easy to fix.”

Author: Alexandra Giles

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