Here are a few tips and pictures for ideas!

Are you looking for a peaceful and warm bedroom that won’t cost too much to do? You need to know how and try some do-it-yourself projects .Your new bedroom needs some decor, painting, flooring and lighting. Small and simple accessories like candles, lamps etc is enough to give the room a romantic environment or some class. You could add pictures or little frames to give it a warm family cosy feeling. Have you ever thought of changing the draw or door handles? You could pick these up for a cheap pound each at a local bargain shop! Your flooring needs to be warm or have a dark laminate with a rug next to your bed to give it a Zen feeling. This can make the difference. Instead of making a big job out of re-decorating, why don’t you get some wall accessories like wall lights or picture frames that will go with your theme. You could even scuff frames if you want a vintage look or make them match your flooring so it all links.

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