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Clean Your Vinyl Floors With Ease

This guide will help you clean your vinyl floors in an easy manner Vinyl flooring is considered robust as compared to other types of flooring. It is durable, robust and can withstand wear and tear. If vinyl flooring is installed in a high traffic area of your house, it can withstand a lot of abuse […]

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Latest Trends in Flooring for 2018

This article provides information about the new and latest trends in flooring The New Year brings different trends in fashion, design, art, flooring, and many other different things. Magazines and website publish different articles related to the new trends and colours. There are so many options that can confuse anyone. You, as a homeowner, must […]

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Current Trends in Hardwood Flooring

These are the latest trends in hardwood flooring There are many types of flooring present in the market right now. Today, we have a lot more options than there were in the past. Advancement in technology has really resulted in many different types of flooring. Although there are a lot of different floorings available, hardwood […]

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16 Wood Flooring Trends to Watch for

Turn your home into one of the best trends this year! So you are making up your mind to update your flooring but not sure what to go for? We’ve got some useful advice for you. From statement designs to dark boards, the flooring world has seen the wood floor sound and adopting the modern […]

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5 Easy Flooring Cleaning Tips That You Need To Know

How about these tips for easy!   Do you want your floors to last long? Well, the key to durable floors is to keep them clean. The little marks of heels, dirt, and spills accumulate on the floor, which causes scratches, removes the protective coatings, and crush its fibers. The dust and dirt doesn’t come […]

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kids flooring

Ideas for Your Kid’s Bedroom Flooring

Looks are also important for your kid’s bedroom floor but durability and robustness are more important   The bedroom flooring in a kid’s room needs to be solid and strong. It should be able to withstand all the wear and tear that the child may do to the flooring. The wear and tear includes the traffic from feet, […]

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Maintain The Fresh Look and Feel of Your Carpet

These tips will allow you to maintain the visual appearance of your carpets Carpets are quite the popular choice as they provide warmth, luxury and a soft touch on the feet. With plenty designs to choose from you won’t leave the shop without flooring. If you are re-decorating then why don’t you bring in a […]

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measure your room

How do you measure your room before an upgrade?

Here is how you can measure your room before any upgrade Are you planning to upgrade your rooms or customise it into your own style? Either way whatever you are planning to do you will need to measure the room so you know what size flooring you will require to purchase. It isn’t as easy […]

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Floor Coverings for Stairs

Some options for floor coverings on stairs There are many different stair floor coverings you could try. A popular one is of course carpet which is very popular but there are other options you could try that can look just as good. Hardwood flooring is becoming more popular with many designs to choose from you […]

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