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Amazing Living Room Decor Hacks!

Consider these ideas before you completely re-do your room

We spend a lot of time in our living room but sometimes it’s a bit small or cluttered. Have you ever tried storage like wicker baskets or under the sofa storage etc? Here are a few tips and images that might come in handy for these storage problems we keep having!

See these amazing ideas:

If you are a book lover, this is a very interesting way to display all of your books. The area around the window is used in a clever way. You can put the books that you don’t need or you have already read on the upper shelf, while the favourite ones can be placed on the left or right side of the window.

Don’t be afraid of incorporating stairs in the home decor, because they look stunning and are very functional too. The picture below is a great idea of how you can incorporate stairs and make your room more practical.

You can hang shelves on the walls to display your favourite decorations. You can use the space under the TV stand to hide the small Ottomans.

You can make your living room more interesting by decorating the walls with frames. You can post one large painting or 3-5 small paintings.

If you need an extra space, you can use furniture that is also offering storage space. I really like this kind of furniture, because there is enough space to store everything you want.

If you don’t have enough space to store your books in your bookshelf, you can consider placing them under the coffee table. You can choose some colourful covers to make the coffee table look more interesting.

The wall behind the small sofa is turned into a magnificent bookshelf. If you are a book lover and you have million books that you don’t know where to store, then consider installing a shelf like the one below.

If your living room is small and you don’t have enough space for placing a big coffee table, you can use a design like this below. There are 3 small tables that can also be hidden. Perfect for the small areas.

If you work at home, then you have probably turned your living room or bedroom in office. These corner shelves are great for every living room and they have enough space for placing a lot of things.

You can place a small table behind the sofa and use the space under the table for storing things in baskets. There are many interesting basket designs that will make your room look modern and without clutter of course.

This cabinet is more contemporary and sophisticated and will fit to every room.

Shelves can be your best friends when you don’t know where to put all that books, vases and other items that you have. You can place a huge one to store everything you have in a fancy way.

Your room will look more sophisticated and you will look more smarter too, if you incorporate your favourite books in your living room decor.

If you don’t have such a space for a large sofa in your living room, then consider buying small benches that also have space for storing things.

You can use “bed frame” for enhancing the living room decor. This kind of cabinet have both, functional and decorative role.

A window nook with drawers is also a good option for your living room. You can decorate it with many colourful pillows and enjoy and relax in your free time.

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