Vinyl Flooring: Good or Bad?

Useful information about Vinyl flooring!

Vinyl flooring is an option that you can consider when working on a tight budget. The new ranges and styles we have here at Urmston Carpets come in a variety of styles that will certainly look fantastic in all rooms! This is another option you could try if you didn’t want hardwood flooring or wooden flooring. We have ranges mimic stone, tiles hardwood etc.

You will find that as well as Vinyl flooring being stylish, it is also very easy to maintain and clean. Some flooring requires a lot of maintenance but just a quick sweep or mop and the job is done. We have stock delivered on a regular basis so why not pop into the shop today and see what we have on offer at amazing bargain prices!

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Versatile Vinyl

If you thought vinyl flooring only came in sheets, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Vinyl has come a long way since those lengths of speckled linoleum that papered Grandma’s kitchen floor in the 1940s. One glance through your local flooring retailer’s gallery gives you a peek into its versatility. Whether your heart yearns for terra-cotta tiles to accent a new Tuscan kitchen or for the weathered barn-wood look in a country home, vinyl flooring has you covered.

Patterned or Plain

Plain vinyl flooring has no pattern manufactured into the product. This vinyl flooring type you see in many commercial applications such as in doctor and dentist offices. Patterned vinyl is more suitable for home renovation purposes. The pattern on vinyl flooring may be either inlaid — where the color is injected into the vinyl sheet — or printed, where designs are applied onto the surface of the vinyl then covered with your finish of choice. Inlaid vinyl is more durable and often pricier than printed versions.

Inexpensive Options

Vinyl flooring gives homeowners a viable option when desiring to create a high-end look without the price tag that usually comes with it.

Author: Anne Goetz

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