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Selecting The Flooring for Your Bathroom

There are a number of factors that you need to consider while selecting the bathroom flooring

Consider the texture, layout, design, material and other important factors to transform your bathroom into an amazing place with a lot of character. There are many options available in the market to choose for your bathroom flooring. There are many debates going on whether or not, use a particular type of flooring for the bathroom. For example, the utilization of hardwood flooring for bathrooms has always been a matter of discussion. The use of space is important. What is meant by this is that, if the bathroom is a family bathroom, then there is bound to be a lot of splashing and water on the floor; since it will be under heavy use from all the family members. This will require a lot of maintenance and care for the flooring, in order to keep and maintain its health. In comparison, if it is being used by a couple or adults, it may be easier to maintain the health of the flooring. The use of a very hard wood, such as iroko or teak, will be much better in bathrooms, according to the experts. The reason they provide is simple; this type of wooden flooring is quite strong and works best in wet environments. In fact, this type of wood has been used in the building of ships for a very long time and it used to work very well. If you want to use wooden flooring, you need to install a tanking system too, in order to create a system which is watertight, so there is no seepage inside the wooden flooring. There are some other great flooring options too, which are discussed in this article.

Read the complete article to learn more about how to select the flooring for your bathroom!

‘Specialist laminate flooring is popular for bathrooms,’ says Beth Boulton, head of marketing at Topps Tiles. ‘As with all flooring, it is important to maintain and protect the look and durability. Use a bath mat, and wipe up any spilt water.’

The appeal of floor tiles

Tiles are an obvious choice for a bathroom floor but, as they are exposed to water splashes and condensation, you do have to lay the right ones. ‘It is important to check that your chosen design is suitable or whether it needs any additional work to make it so,’ says Jenny Wasson, creative co-ordinator at Original Style. ‘One of the main issues is safety, so you must be sure that your tiles are suitable for floors and won’t become slippery when wet. Be practical and always look at the need for sealing and long-term maintenance commitments. Will the tile need to be treated again and, if so, when? Consider using a coloured grout to reduce noticeable discolouration, and always seal the grout to protect against this problem.’

Ceramic tiles are well suited as they are extremely hygienic and easy to clean. They don’t require sealing or ongoing maintenance but they can be cold underfoot, so you might want to think about installing underfloor heating to keep them feeling warm.

‘Underfloor heating is a must-have in the modern bathroom, especially with the increased popularity of wet rooms,’ says Sally Cutchie, designer at CP Hart. ‘Electric matting is easy to install and very cost-effective to run. It will not only help to heat the bathroom but will dry out wet floors in super-quick time. It is also much easier to install than water-based underfloor heating systems.’

Author: Jo Messenger

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