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The Importance of Using Non Slip Flooring in Bathrooms

Some thoughts on non-slip flooring for bathrooms

Non slip flooring in the bathrooms is an extremely important thing to have. They are important for everyone in the home; in fact, if there are children or older people in the family, the use of such a flooring which provides resistance to slipping, is extremely important and mandatory. You can make the bathroom non slippery by the use of floor mats, rubber and chemical coatings. All of these options are quite inexpensive and can prove to be extremely effective. It is very important since it is directly related to the safety of your family members. The bathroom is a place in the home where most of the accidents can occur and the prime reason behind this is that it is a place which can be considered to be wet most of the times. We try ourselves and work hard to keep the flooring dry at all times, but still, it is a place that is mostly wet. The usual flooring choices in a bathroom are granite, marble or ceramic tiles; all of which choices can become very slippery when they are wet. The slippery attributes of the bathroom flooring can be reduced by the use of tile coatings with mats that possess non slippery properties.

Rubber mats can also be used with ease, in order to prevent accidents in the bathroom. It is a cheap and effective solution and can prove to be very useful. These mats can be used and placed in strategic places such as near the toilet area, wash basin or inside and outside the tub. Such mats are quite durable and have long lives. These are readily available almost everywhere and can come in different shades and colors. This article explains the use of such materials which make the slippery effect nonexistent in the bathrooms.

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Using Chemical Coating for Non-slip bathroom flooring

Non slip bathroom flooring is effectively achieved by using anti slip floor treatments. These essentially are chemicals which when applied on floors increase the co-efficient of friction between surfaces preventing slipping. These chemicals are applicable of all kinds of surfaces and are colourless in appearance. After application non slip floor coating takes about five minutes to dry and lasts for several months. A second coat would help the coating to last longer.

For all practical purposes dual coating of non-slip floor material is desirable for bathrooms as water could be corrosive over extended periods. As non-slip bathroom flooring chemical is water resistant this could be effectively used even for coating bath tubs. In fact, it is advisable that bath tubs be also coated with non-slip chemicals.

Non-slip chemicals, apart from being non-reactive to water, is fire resistant and odorless. Though this has the texture of enamel paint it is free from any such strong smell, which could be harmful for asthma patients.

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