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The Best Flooring for Your Guest Room

How can you select the perfect flooring for your guest room?

Flooring is indeed one of the most important parts of your house. Good flooring is essential for a healthy, comfortable and safe living. Replacing the flooring in your house is a very long, tiring and hectic process. Above all that, it is quite expensive and time intensive too. Flooring in all parts of your home should be accordingly; for bathrooms, for instance, it must be strong, robust, must be able to withstand temperature and weather variations and above all, it must be of such a material which does not get slippery due to wetness and moisture. Similarly, for the bedroom, it must be cozy, comfortable and should provide a sense of warmth and serenity. A guest room, likewise, needs to have a loving, warm and welcoming atmosphere. Since a guest room is essentially a home for your friends or family members that have arrived from different locations, so it must be as home like as possible. The flooring, being an integral part of the room, can really help you create a welcoming atmosphere and environment. The visitors and guests will feel calmness, serenity and tranquility after entering such a warm and peaceful room and will forget all the weariness and tiredness of their travels. The flooring has the ability to act as a separate and distinct element in the whole space and will provide a certain ease and warmth to the whole environment, thus leaving memorable impressions upon your friends, family and relatives. This article discusses and explains some of the best flooring options for the guest room in your home.

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Carpet: This is the most popular flooring choice for bedrooms and living spaces, which makes it a familiar option that visitors will be able to easily acclimate to. It is also warm, soft, and comforting, and can even help to insulate the area against the loss of heat and the transmission of ambient noise.

Padded Vinyl: The versatility of vinyl makes it an excellent and popular choice in a number of spaces. It is low maintenance, resistant to damage, and can be custom printed to take on nearly any color, pattern, or image. That allows you to create very specific interior effects. In a guest room it is most often employed in conjunction with padded underlayment in the form of foam or cork. While that can almost double the price of an installation, the benefit is a soft, comforting surface that will make the area feel instantly inviting.

The drawback to vinyl guest room flooring is that this material is manufactured using a variety of chemicals. With low grade products that can lead to the off gassing of Volatile Organic Chemicals, which can fill the atmosphere with toxic particles for a period after it is installed. However premium pieces are produced in such a way that this effect is minimized.

Hardwood With Rugs: The look of wood is one of the most classic flooring effects available. This material can match nearly any style or design, and can even evolve with trends over time. It is also very familiar, allowing you to create instantly recognizable spaces in a guest room. While not as rigid as hard tile products, it can be somewhat firm, and in a guest bedroom it will often be a good idea to pair it with throw rugs or area carpets in order to soften its tactile feel.

Author: Joseph Lewitin

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