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The Benefits of Using Carpets

Why is it a good idea to use carpets in home

There are many debates over the question whether carpet is better or hardwood flooring for your home. This article explains and highlights some benefits of using carpets in your home. Many users and homeowners these days prefer choosing a certain type of flooring for their homes (hardwood, laminate, stone etc.) but carpets have their own benefits. Carpets, if maintained, look neat, clean and tidy and also provide a luxurious look.

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Sound Insulation

Noise pollution in houses can have a serious effect on the wellbeing of all its users and in this respect a fitted carpet plays an important role virtually eliminating impact noise through sound absorption.

Therefore, the use of carpet enhances sound absorption, and the conduction of impact noise can be reduced by up to 30dB, as opposed to comparative values for smooth floorcoverings which lay between 5-15dB.


Safety covers two aspects – reduced slippage, especially when wet, and a decrease in stress on joints The soft resilient fibers of a carpet provide a cushioning effect and excellent orthopedic properties.

The underfoot safety of carpets is an important feature, both in the home and the workplace. Infants and the elderly in particular benefit from the non-slip aspects of carpets and, in the event of a fall, the soft resilience of the carpet lowers the risk of injury.


With their superb dust-trapping properties, carpets are conducive to a healthy living environment. Dust settles quickly and is then securely held by the pile fibers of the carpet until it is vacuumed again.

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