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Stimulating and Creative Designs for Offices

This article provides some very interesting and creative designs for offices worldwide

Creative agencies, all over the world, have adopted to stimulating designs for their offices in order to ensure that their employees utilize the full potential of their creativity. The employees do not have to be in dull, boring and dry cubicle space environments. In fact, a tranquil and serene setting, games area or amazing design office mural can help boost the creativity and motivation of the employees. This article presents some extraordinary and awesome design offices which are engineered to build the employees’ creativity. Wouldn’t it be amazing to work in an office like this! See these inspiring office designs.

Read the complete article to learn about and see these amazing design offices!


Award-winning New York City-based design and branding firm ICRAVE combines minimalist aspects into its amazing offices. Designing it to mimic hotel lobbies and with the reception doubling up as a DJ booth, there’s some seriously fun aspects to its interior.

The 8,000-square-foot space on Madison Square Park boasts flexible workspaces to encourage employee interaction and collaboration. Teamed with wooden decoration and cute chalk boards, it’s an office we’d love to work in.

Google, Zurich

Google offices really are incredible places, so you won’t be surprised to find more than one included in this list. But our favourite of all its designs has to be the Zurich offices. How any Google employees get any work done here, we have no idea.

There’s rooms to play sports, sing and dance, get a massage, an aquarium where employees can relax in a foam-filled bath, a sky lounge, jungle and movie room, slides, fireman’s poles and much, much more. But we love the different themed Gondolas dotted around, which serve as meeting rooms. Amazing.


Manchester-based communications agency Ubiquitous combined ideas, design and technology to this ultra-stylish office revamp. They spent two months of solid hard graft to ensure they got the office looking just right – not only providing detailed designs but sourcing all the new materials for it themselves.

Features of this cool design office include tiled and wood paneled walls, atmospheric lighting, a bike mounted on a wall, big, bold typography and vintage-style furniture.

Selgas Cano Architecture, Madrid

This gorgeous studio belongs to and was designed and created by Selgas Cano Architecture. Located in the middle of the woods in Madrid, half of the tube-like structure is underground while a glass canopy forms the rest.

The large window that runs the length of this modern day cave provides employees with a gorgeous, panoramic view around the clock.

Cartoon Network, Atlanta

The Cartoon Network offices in Atlanta still adopt a cubicle system, which, in many circumstances, may not be the most exciting working environment. But this one is anything but dull. While employees may not be able to see each other, instead each individual’s workspace is personally customized.

Although many follow the theme of children’s TV, cubicles can be found full of all sorts, including bright, colorful furniture, cartoon characters, mascots, photos, stickers and magnets.

Three Rings, San Francisco

This steampunk-inspired submarine office for game development studio Three Rings was created by Because We Can. The design-build studio developed workspaces for over 20 people, a game room, lounge and a secret room behind a bookshelf.

The overall design was inspired by Jules Verne’s novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Victorian parlors and pirate ships. Hidden gems lay all around the office, including games consoles concealed in treasure chests.

Mother London

We have to admit; the studio of London-based ad agency Mother London leaves us with a serious amount of office space envy. Designed by Clive Wilkinson Architects, it’d take us a while to list all the cool features held within these four walls.

But our favorites include meeting rooms filled with quirky, one-off pieces of vintage furniture and, probably most impressive of all, the cool 250ft communal concrete table, which accommodates roughly 200 employees.

Pixar, Emeryville

An obvious one, we know. But we couldn’t do a list of awesome design offices without including animation giant Pixar. It’s hard to understand how the staff get any work done here with so many things to play with, but also no wonder they come up with such great ideas in these surroundings.

Similar to the guys at the Cartoon Network offices, Pixar adopts a cubicle system for each employee, which are fully customized to their tastes. But that’s not all, every hallway and communal area is littered with life-size movie characters, space hoppers, scooters…the list goes on. The building even has its own cereal room! Coco Pops anyone?

Author: Kerrie Hughes

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