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Some tips for maintaining your carpet

These tips will be helpful to keep your new carpet with a new look


If you have purchased a new carpet and are wondering how to keep it clean and make it look new all the time, similar to the condition in which you have purchased it, here are some really great tips which you can use to keep your new carpet in mint condition always. If you follow these tips, you will be able to keep the carpet in excellent form always.

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Use area rugs and runners

The first thing you can do is use rugs and runners in high-traffic areas on your new carpet. This will minimize both soiling and crushing in these areas, but it can also provide beautiful accents of color to your home. High-traffic areas can include hallways, entryways, and the areas in front of couches and chairs, but high traffic is in no way limited to these carpeted areas.

Avoid using carpet powder products

Carpet powders are a popular way to eliminate odor in your carpet. However, they can leave traces of powder residue in the carpet, especially if you overuse them. You may not see this residue until the next time you have your carpet steam cleaned or shampooed. Then, you’ll see a white, sometimes sticky film on top of your carpet. If you absolutely must use carpet powder, use it sparingly.

Taking these steps can help your new carpet — which is an investment — last longer and stay more beautiful. So go ahead, give your carpet some TLC. It’ll reward you with many, many years of softness, comfort and beauty.

Author: Christy Brown

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