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Some New Trends in Corporate Flooring

This article provides some new trends in flooring in the corporate world

Corporate environment is continually growing, expanding and changing. Along with the environment, the design, layout and appearance of corporate world are also changing. The flooring in corporate environment and offices is also changing in order to provide more comfort and better functionality. The flooring in the offices and corporate sector is very important is it aids in setting up the tone, culture and productivity of the office. This article highlights some new trends in corporate flooring.

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“Every sector impacts an audience; however, I would say the corporate sector is unique as it relates to employee productivity,” said Ellie Dowden, public relations and communications manager for Shannon Specialty Floors. “The corporate culture has engaged in a movement away from the stale, dull designs of the past and into researched spaces designed to optimize the productivity and happiness of its employees. With employees spending an average of nine hours a day in the office, its design has an opportunity to be very powerful.”

With everyday workplace rigors, long hours and demanding deadlines, creating appealing, accommodating and comfortable workspaces from the ground up is a key component to ensuring the satisfaction of current and future employees.

“The last several years have seen an evolution of the workplace to incorporate a residential feel, which adds comfort and encourages employees to engage for longer periods of time,” said Sherry Dreger, vice president of marketing for Bentley Mills.

“The corporate sector was predominantly the domain of carpet tiles for at least the last 30 years,” said Paul Eanes, vice president of sales, Metroflor. “While carpet remains the dominant floor of choice in the office environment, LVT/LVP has been specified in higher traffic areas, such as corridors, runways, hallways, kitchen areas and even some conference rooms.”

“As the economy continues to improve, projects that were put on hold are now getting back on track. Businesses now have more budget to reinvest, and they are choosing to create office designs that offer better working environments,” said Del Vecchio.

According to Dreger, not only does economic improvement speak to the increase of renovations in the corporate sector, but to the popularity of colours in the sector as well.


When it comes to flooring selections for corporate spaces, choosing a proper maintenance plan and following maintenance guidelines is just as important as choosing a floor’s colours and designs.

“The best way to maintain flooring in any environment is to first ensure that the proper product is specified and selected for its intended usage,” said David Altman, director of R&D for Metroflor. “All floor coverings require some care to look their best, and many problems can be prevented before they occur. The area of usage, type and frequency of traffic on the floor, location within the building, amount of soil likely to be found in the location and end-user expectations will determine the type and frequency of maintenance needed.”

Whether it’s quickly vacuuming carpet or mopping LVT, regular maintenance to remove dirt and grit is imperative to getting the best value from a floor, as abrasion from dirt and grit is the single greatest cause of damage to any flooring or floor finish, according to Altman.

Author: Danielle Clair

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