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Some “Don’ts” of a Steam Floor Mop

This informative article explains some of the very important things that you mustn’t do to your steam floor mop

A steam mop is a different kind of mop which uses steam to clean carpet roll ends and other types of floors like laminate flooring in the house. Unlike a regular or simple mop, a steam mop does not require any cleaning agents. It rather relies on using steam to clean the floors. A steam mop also includes a microfiber pad which traps all the dirt and gives the floors and carpets a shiny and great look.

The steam mops have really made it easier to clean laminate flooring and carpets roll ends. It offers robust cleaning power and has made the whole process a lot more convenient and easy. Steam mops have several advantages over the regular kinds of mops such as no spills, smell and there is no rinsing required. Steam floor mops come in a variety of different styles and models but they also need a little care from your side. There are a few things that you should never to do your steam floor mop and they are described in detail in this article.

You should, for instance, never plug in the steam floor mop before attaching the mop cloth, since it gets hot very quickly and then becomes too hot to handle. You won’t be able to attach the cloth to it after you have powered it up. Furthermore, using the steam floor mop like this is quite dangerous and may result in an electric shock as well.

You need to work step by step and fill the water reservoir first. After that, you should unwind the power cord and attach the mop cloth. After going through these steps, you must turn off the switch and then plug in the mop.

Read the complete article to learn more about the “don’ts” of a steam floor mop!

Don’t Idle a Hot Steam Mop

You’re ready to start cleaning the floor and you’ve plugged it into an outlet, but then the phone rings or someone’s at the door. Or maybe you figure there’s time to do something else while you wait for your mop to heat up. Don’t do it!

Heat builds up very quickly (a few seconds with some models) and if left too long, the mop can apply too much steam and heat to a small area and possibly damage the flooring.

Don’t Skip the Vacuuming

Floors should be vacuumed or swept before they are steam-mopped. If you skip this step, any surface dirt, sand, dust, crumbs, and hair will be picked up by the steam mop, hindering its ability to do a good job. It’s similar to washing a window with a dirty cloth. Mopping without vacuuming also means you have to change the mop cloth more frequently.

Don’t Clean Walls with a Steam Mop

While using a steam mop to wash walls doesn’t sound like a bad idea, hot steam could cause paint to bubble, peel, or lift. If so, it’s also likely to damage the drywall or other material under the paint.

Never Store the Steam Mop with a Dirty or Wet Cloth

Leaving a wet mop cloth on when storing your mop could result in mildew as well as ruining the cloth head. Remove the cloth after the mop has cooled. It’s fine to add a clean cloth if you want the mop to be ready to roll the next time you need it. Laundering the dirty cloth immediately will help to remove stains before they set in.

Don’t Clean Cold Bathroom Fixtures

Cold porcelain toilets and other fixtures can crack if subjected to a burst of hot steam. Keep the mop on the floor and away from direct contact with the fixture.

Author: Mariette Mifflin

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