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Multiple Kitchen Flooring Ideas to Choose From

Some tips for your kitchen flooring

The kitchen in your house is one of the busiest rooms in the entire home. For kitchen flooring, you must make sure that is robust and durable, so that it can withstand the wear and tear. Another important factor is that, it should be easier to clean and maintain since kitchen is the place where stains can accumulate on the floor. Furthermore, since you need to stand for longer durations of time in the kitchen, the flooring must be supportive, especially if you suffer from backache.

Read the complete article to learn these amazing ideas for your kitchen flooring!

The top durable flooring options include:


–Rubber flooring




Wood laminate

Besides durability, cooking usually requires long periods of standing and walking back and forth. Flooring that has some cushioning is helpful, especially if you suffer from back issues.

The most ergonomic flooring options include:


Carpet tiles


–Rubber flooring



–Wood laminate

Carpet Kitchen Flooring

Carpet has not historically been a popular kitchen flooring option due to its difficulty in maintenance and cleaning. But the latest carpet tiles are a modern kitchen floor solution. Designed and tested to be industrial grade for high traffic areas, made of durable, easy to clean materials and easy to install, they may be the perfect kitchen flooring idea. The best part is that a carpet tile can be removed for cleaning or replacement.

Tips: Choose a carpet tile from a company like Flor, designed for the modern, DIY consumer. Buy an extra box of tiles and keep for future replacements. For a modern look, use carpet tiles selectively in certain areas of your kitchen like the image above, instead of wall to wall.

Pros: Durable, modern colors and textures, soft and padded, recyclable.

Cons: Needs frequent cleaning and vacuuming.

Laminate Wood Kitchen Flooring

Laminate wood flooring is an affordable and durable kitchen flooring idea. The top layer can withstand most abuse. If you add padding beneath, it’s a soft, ergonomic flooring solution. Easy to install and available in a wide variety of styles, laminate wood flooring is a simple, modern solution for kitchen floors.

Tips: Select laminate flooring with the longest warranty possible. Many come with a 25 year guarantee. For extra cushioning when standing, install a manufacturer recommended thin foam sheet layer underneath.

Pros: Durable, cost effective, wide variety of options, easy to install and uninstall.

Cons: Is not as valued as real wood flooring, may be slippery, noisy, not refinish-able.

Wood Kitchen Flooring

Wood has traditionally been on the top of buyer’s lists for flooring choices. Wood has a high-end, warm look that’s unique, according to grain and age. But wood in the kitchen requires special protection from excess moisture.

Tips: Add an extra coat of finish in the kitchen to keep the wood sealed. If living in a high humidity or coastal region, avoid wider planks, which will cup and warp over time.

Pros: Adds resale value, attractive, durable, can be refinished.

Cons: Can be noisy, needs periodic refinishing, may dent or scratch easily.

Author: Cynthia Bowman

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