Manchester Vinyl Flooring

In our Manchester Vinyl Flooring Department, we offer an extensive array of modern vinyl designs and colors, perfect for indoor locations, so if you’re looking for QUALITY vinyl flooring in the Manchester area, then you have come to the right place.

Not only do we supply high quality carpets, and some of the best laminates in Manchester, but we also offer the people of Manchester some AMAZING vinyl flooring near you! 


What we offer 

From, Kitchens, to Bathrooms and Wet Areas, Bedrooms, we have the perfect ideal flooring to suit your needs. Perfect for family needs, our Slip Resistant Vinyl Flooring is available off the roll for instant fitting or it can be specially ordered, delivered to your step and fitted within 7 days. Our Vinyl Flooring come in 2, 3 and 4m widths by any length, starting at £4.77m2 which works out at just £3.99yd2. We also offer Vinyl Roll Ends which start at just £20!

Visit us at our our Flooring Warehouse in Manchester to see our wide range of vinyl flooring!

What is Vinyl Flooring? 

Vinyl flooring  is waterproof flooring that comes in large and continuous sheets, mostly suitable as flooring for kitchen, bathrooms or wet-rooms, hallways, or playrooms. The key benefit of vinyl flooring is that it is impermeable to water, making it a popular water resistant material for many rooms in the home. Vinyl flooring is often confused with linoleum or ‘lino’ because of its appearance, however, both are made up of completely different types of materials, for example, vinyl is synthetic made up of many chemicals such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) whilst lino is made up of natural components such as linseed oil. 

What is Vinyl Flooring made from?

Vinyl flooring has three basic material layers- inlaid, homogeneous, and layered composite. In manufacturing, the first step is to make the backing sheet. Today, the backing sheet is usually fiberglass. Before the 1980’s, it was asbestos. The sheet is then printed and embossed with a unique design which is then coated to form a protected layer- usually polyurethane.

Where Vinyl Flooring is most suitable?

Vinyl flooring is most suitable for Bathrooms, Kitchens, or Wet rooms- anywhere that needs protection against water or moisture. We have years of experience fitting and selecting the best Vinyl flooring in Manchester and can help you along every stage of the process in getting your new flooring. Vinyl Flooring can also be perfect choice for various sport or dance flooring. Its closed-cell foam backing gives it a sprung performance affect which makes it great for moving comfortably and safely.  Let’s take a closer look.  

Bathrooms & Wet Areas 

We provide luxury Vinyl Flooring for every type of room. Check out our Cheap Vinyl flooring section

Whether your style is traditional, classic or modern, we offer the perfect vinyl flooring for bathrooms so you can enjoy excellent barefoot sensations and enjoy them in style. Soak in pure pleasure – bath and shower times have never been as good. Wet or dry, the water resistant, easy to clean surfaces will never let you down, keeping you safe from slips and germs. You can rest assured that your new vinyl flooring will easy to clean, durable and uber stylish! 

Entrance Halls & Living Areas 

Why not have your hallway fitted with a stylish vinyl flooring? Enjoy a real welcome home with stunning vinyl floor designed to take the pressure where it’s most intense. Easy to clean and durable, vinyl flooring is perfect for family hallways and absorb footstep noise as people come and go. Practical, affordable and attractive–modern vinyl flooring is ideal for busy areas in the home.  

Kitchen Areas 

kitchen Vinyl come in all styles to suit every kitchen, Check out our Bathroom flooring also

Whatever your Kitchen style, you can find the right ingredients with the range of colours and finishes from our Vinyl flooring range. Hardwearing and easy to clean, the daily spills that go with cooking simply wipe away every time, leaving the surface looking as good as new. 

Whether your kitchen is the heart of your home or simply a place to cook – vinyl flooring is the perfect recipe offering a comfortable and practical flooring solution that will last the test of time. 

Bedroom Areas / Playrooms 

Vinyl for Bedrooms and Children's rooms. We have all colours and styles of Vinyl Flooring

Step from your bed onto a smooth and silky textured flooring. The attractive array of colours, styles and surface textures are ideal for personalizing your bedroom space. Durable and easy to maintain, vinyl flooring is the perfect flooring choice for achieving that polished look. Vinyl’s soft texture also makes it a perfect flooring choice for children’s bedrooms. Sleep and play come naturally to children -perfect for daytime fun, vinyl flooring provides warmth and comfort for children to sit, walk or crawl. Safe, tough and easy to clean after a hard day’s painting and playing, vinyl flooring’s stain-resistant surface makes it perfect for all sorts of kids’ activities. 


    • Water Resistant: Vinyl flooring is impermeable to water penetration, making it a perfect choice for high moisture spaces such as a bathroom, laundry, or kitchen locations. 
    • Low Maintenance:  Vinyl Flooring requires very little maintenance.  All you need is a regular cleaning routine using a damp mop and vinyl cleaner. Vinyl flooring is the perfect flooring, particularly for cleaning after children. 
    • Easy Installation: Vinyl Flooring is easy to install. It is possible to do yourself, although it is essential that the level sub-floor is completely dry, so it may be useful to hire a professional to do it for you.
    • Inexpensive: Vinyl flooring is low-cost. The price is determined by the quality of the material and the choice of design illustrated on the outer-layer; all depending on specific needs. 
    • Durable: Vinyl is long-lasting. If maintained properly, vinyl flooring can last up to between ten to twenty years. However, a few factors can affect this; printed vinyl is durable as along as the outer-layer is not damaged. Fiber-glass is highly durable and is often used as a protective layer to resist damage; from normal wear and tear to water or general liquids. Damaged tiles are usually easily replaceable and are important in any case to avoid further damage of any surrounding tiles. 
  • Stain Resistant:  The clear wear layer on the surface of vinyl flooring acts as a barrier against dirt, stains and spills, making it long-lasting and easy to maintain. 

Free Fitting

We also offer free fitting for certain types of laminate flooring in Manchester! Head over to our Manchester Vinyl Flooring Fitters page to find out more.  

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