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If you’re looking for QUALITY laminate flooring in the Manchester area, then you have come to the right place. Not only do we supply high quality carpets, we offer amazing laminate flooring at DISCOUNT PRICES.

Balterio Laminate Flooring from Urmston Carpets Warehouse suppliers of Hard Flooring Laminates

We supply a wide range of laminate flooring suitable homes and most other indoor areas. Choose from a wide selection of tile and wood effect laminate all at affordable prices whilst maintaining the same high quality. Laminate flooring has come along way over the last 10 years. It’s high quality material can make it hard to distinguish between real wood, making it a top flooring choice for most UK households. Laminate flooring is not only an attractive buy, but fully scratch resistant and easy to maintain, making the ideal flooring choice for family homes.

 Let’s take a further look… 

What we offer  

Our wood effect laminate flooring in our best seller. Natural and rich tones are a popular flooring choice, suitable for all areas of the home. Choose from a number of colours, finishes and textures to match the character of your home – including maple, walnut, teak, pine and oak. 

  • Oak laminate- providing rich and traditional tones that suit dining area, hallways and living spaces.  

  • Walnut laminate- a darker shade of wood flooring, perfect for areas with rich coloured interiors, fabrics and textures. 

  • Maple laminate- a creamier and light texture.  

  • Teak Laminate- offers an exotic hardwood look, offering the feel of the natural grain of hardwood flooring.  

  • Pine Laminate- comes in a range of tones and with small and large pine effect knots.  

-You can also choose from a variety of laminate surfaces and grooves to create the most natural and authentic wood look as possible!

Beautiful Laminate flooring from urmston Carpets

What is Laminate Flooring made from?

The Stabilising Layer

A backing layer  (often known as the “stabilizing layer”) is the layer that is directly on contact with the floor surface. Although laminate is not directly waterproof, the backing layer increases the moisture resistance and can therefore, improve the durability of the surface by reducing the risk of warping.  

The Inner Core/Core Board 

The inner core/core board is the thickest layer in a laminate board and is usually made of compressed woof HDF (High-Density Fiberboard). This layer is made to stablilise the board to ensure it keeps in place. The higher the density of the HDF, the higher quality the laminate flooring. This is because it is harder for moisture to penetrate through the laminate flooring and warp the flooring. Effectively, laminate flooring is much a more sustainable flooring choice and can save you money in the long-term. 

Print Layers  

Print layers (often called design layers) offer design flexibility- you can control how you want your flooring to look! HD printer are often used to create intricate and stunning designs which is, in most cases, done to emulate the look of wood, stone, metal (or any other material). 

Wear Layer  

The wear layer is places on the top of the print layer and acts as a protective coating. It is what ensures the flooring resistance to general use and wear and tear of everyday life. The higher the quality of laminate flooring, the thicker the layering.  

We provide laminates with Grooves and Wood effect surface to give your home an authentic Wooden Floor effect

Pro’s and cons 

1. Perfect for Busy Households 

Laminate flooring is perfect for busy households and areas that are prone to wear and tear! Easy to clean and maintain, laminate flooring offers maintenance easy for a busy lifestyle. Even more so, modern laminate often includes a padding layer underneath the backing layer which gives it a softer feel- making it an ideal flooring choice for any area in the home. 

2.  Laminate flooring is easy to install.  

You can achieve good results without needing a professional fitter (although we always recommend professional installation). Unlike carpet or hardwood flooring, installing laminate flooring is much easier with the right skillset. Head to our Manchester Laminate Floor Fitters page to see what our professional fitters can do for you.  

3.  Laminate Flooring is Inexpensive 

Laminate flooring is a cheaper flooring solution in comparison to other flooring options such as vinyl flooring, carpet and hardwood.  

However, laminate flooring is not water resistant. Low quality laminate flooring will warp when exposed to water as the HDF itself is displaced by water. Although high quality laminate is incredibly wearing, we recommend alternative flooring options such as vinyl or tiles for a kitchen.  

What else do we offer ?

Need your laminate flooring fitting, give us a call!

Our range of flooring clicks together with ease, taking the hassle and expense out of paying someone to install it for you. However, when it comes to laying laminate flooring, it’s reassuring to know that expert fitters can do it for you. That’s why we also offer an expert fitting service by qualified tradesmen who can fit your flooring at your convenience. 

Head over to our Manchester Laminate Flooring Fitters page to find out more.  

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We also have large stocks of a leading brand for immediate collection in all the latest designs, V Groove, Hand Sculptured, Stone Tiles and also budget priced Clearance lines! 

Why choose us? 

At Urmston Carpets we are really passionate about all types of flooring. The colour, texture and style of flooring sets the tone for the room and is often the first thing people notice when entering a house. So we want to make sure that it makes an impact.  

So why not give your home a surprisingly easy makeover with our range of affordable laminate flooring?  Choose from a number of colours, finishes and textures today to match the character of your home! 


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