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Luxury Vinyl and Carpet

Which one is better of the two?

The competition between vinyl flooring and carpets was always an easy thing to judge in the past. Before the advent of the new modern, luxury vinyl flooring, carpets were considered an easy and inexpensive solution, specifically for commercial spaces and corporate environment. Today, however, the new, luxury vinyl is giving carpets a fair bit of competition, especially when you consider the new floorings in hospitals, healthcare facilities and medical centers, corporate sector and other commercial sectors and offices. There are of course pros and cons to both of the flooring options but now the competition in both – carpet and vinyl flooring is good and quite closer than what it used to be in the past.

Both vinyl and carpets are available in a wide array and variety of different colors, textures and designs. Both of the flooring options are available in different formats. For carpets, there are options of broadloom and carpet tiles, while for vinyl, we have the options of resilient sheet, tile and plank. There is design versatility in both the carpet and vinyl flooring. Both the options have the ability to provide charisma and beauty to any kind of interior. There are, however, significant differences between the two options and this article is aimed at providing you the details regarding the difference. After learning the differences in detail, you will be able to decide which flooring to incorporate in the next flooring project.

Read the complete article to learn the complete differences between luxury vinyl and carpet!

Look & Style

When it comes to look and style, carpet allows for an incredible amount of design versatility. The same can be said for luxury vinyl flooring, however.

Whether it’s bright colors or detailed patterns, both flooring solutions can help you achieve your desired design aesthetic. However, with carpets, because of dying and tufting technology, you have the option for either more color choices, but less patterns to choose from, or a carpet with more pattern options, but less colors choices. Only luxury vinyl offers design versatility without having to sacrifice color or pattern, easily being able to replicate the natural look of wood or stone due to the 3D printing technology.


  • Numerous design options, but with limits
  • A popular flooring choice in hospitality/corporate


  • Can replicate the look and style of various flooring materials like concrete stone, and wood
  • Customizable and designable

Durability & Stability

When it comes to weighing the difference in durability and stability of carpet vs. vinyl, the key is to talk about each flooring solution’s cleanability.

When it comes to dirt, carpets work more like a filter, allowing dirt and dust to be vacuumed up. However, it’s a little different with spills; spills on carpets not only attract more dirt to the area, but depending on the dye method, stains can easily set in. Specifically, with broadloom carpets, moisture can pass through which causes mold to grow below the surface. Wear and tear is also a concern with carpet, as it is prone to crushing and matting, not to mention the visibility of dirt and wear in high-traffic areas. Though carpet manufacturers are doing their best to mitigate this concern by creating products like carpet tile which come with a backing system to allow an end user to pull up the segment of carpet, clean it and reinstall it.

Luxury vinyl far surpasses the cleanability of carpet in regards to spills. Unlike carpet, staining is unlikely if a spill is wiped up in a timely manner. Its overall ease of maintenance regarding spills is unsurpassed, especially when following a typical two-bucket cleaning system. Thanks to its superior design versatility, luxury vinyl can visually hide traffic lanes and hold up to the foot traffic, whereas carpet crushes and matts. Overall, luxury vinyl offers a peace of mind in the way of durability and stability.


Noise has to be a factor to consider when weighing carpet vs. vinyl flooring.

While carpet is ideal for noise reduction, luxury vinyl flooring has similar sound reduction abilities when underlayment is applied to the original flooring surface. Using underlayment with vinyl helps reduce sound transmission between floors and with foot faults, however carpet is still very much a go-to surface when discussing the overall impact on acoustics within a space.


An ideal flooring product for noise reduction


Comparable when underlayment is applied below the vinyl

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