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Living Room Décor and Flooring Trends

This article tells about the latest trends for living room décor and flooring

A living room, sometimes also termed as ‘lounge room’, is actually a room for relaxing and socializing. The living room is actually the heart of every home. It is a place where you can gather around with family and friends and you can also relax along with your fellows after a tiresome day. The living room should be comfortable and appealing; it should also be spacious enough to accommodate a few people, it should give you a certain sense of warmth, peace and happiness by just glancing toward it and it should also have a welcoming floor or carpet to compliment the room. However, getting the perfect look for your living room is a fairly difficult task.

As explained above, the living room needs to be the perfect place for sitting, relaxing and enjoying; so it is really tough to select the style of the living room which really sets the tone and gives a great feeling to the onlookers. Everything in the living room, from the  type of wall and flooring such as carpets, laminated flooring or a vinyl floor need to be carefully picked and selected in order to make it a great place to sit and enjoy with friends and family.

Since the selection of different things and picking the style for your living room is difficult, it is very helpful to take a look at the different designs and styles that are trending currently. This article provides some of the latest and best trends for the current year and will definitely help a lot if you are trying to remodel or change your living room.

Read the complete article to learn more about the current trends in living room for this year!

Paint colours

Grey may still be the neutral of choice for many rooms, but we’re feeling braver with colour choices in the living room this year.  Moody interiors are more popular than ever, with brooding violet, navy and striking emerald green all key colours for 2018.

‘Neutrals in the living room have taken a back seat to the injection of colour,’ says Crown’s colour consultant Judy Smith. ‘Now, more so than ever, the use of multiple shades at a time is becoming increasingly mainstream. Clashing shades can be used on the walls and bought together cleverly via furnishings and accessories.’

Velvet sofas

When it comes to living room furniture, both fabric and colour choices are becoming bolder. Velvet has been on the radar for a few years, but it’s 2018 that sees it really shine. This luxurious fabric oozes a warming quality, especially on sofas – it has that tactile appeal that instantly draws you in. Velvet as an upholstery fabric makes you want to touch it and melt into its softness.

‘We’ve seen a 150 per cent increase in velvet sofa sales in the last year,’ reveals Kate Butler, head of product design for Habitat. ‘There’s a big trend at the moment for colours such as emerald green, orange and purple. These now account for over half of these velvet sales, so people are definitely being braver and bolder in the living room.’

The return of TV units

The fad of giant plasma TVs mounted to walls is finally going out of style (and can we just say thank goodness!). We’re happy to wave goodbye to the days of ruining walls with giant unattractive screens. Wall-mounted televisions are good news from a space-saving point of view, but not great for style credentials or practicality – you can’t rearrange furniture as freely if the TV is secured in place. The TV unit has made a glorious comeback, this year more than ever. In 2018, our walls are free to decorate with art work and glorious bold colours.

Author: Tamara Kelly

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