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Lift a carpet safely

This article explains how can you lift a carpet safely without damaging it

Carpets look good and provide the house a certain warmth and fancy look. Carpets can usually be installed using glue or tack strips. The glue down carpets are quite difficult to lift without damaging the carpet itself, while the ones with tack strips can be easily lifted and saved. This article explains about certain steps which if employed, will aid you in lifting the carpet without damaging it. The whole process of lifting the carpet can be made easier if you ask someone to assist you in it.

Read the complete article to learn how to lift a carpet without damaging it!

Take any doors off the hinges that swing into the room where the carpet will be removed using a screwdriver and hammer. Close the door and position the tip of the screwdriver at the underside of a hinge-pin cap.

Clear all furnishings, lamps and electronics out of the room, as needed, for a clear floor space. As an added measure, take any pictures and wall hangings off the walls.

Ask as assistant to help pull the edge of the carpet 3 feet away from the short wall. Use your hands to lift up and detach the carpet from the tack strips at the base of the remaining walls in the room.

Start at the first edge of the carpet that was detached from the tack strip at the short wall and roll the carpet into a tight roll from end to end.

Author: William Machin

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