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Laminate Flooring with Quick Step

Decorating room with laminate flooring

If you want to choose a flooring in order to decorate your rooms, there are many options available and there is no simple answer to this question. It all depends upon the function, design and layout of the room and most importantly, your budget for the project. This article explains the story how a room was decorated using Quick Step laminate.

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Who lives here

A family home with two young children


The owners living room felt cold and dated, the beige carpet was shabby and stained and was too close in color to their existing sofa, this meant all the colors in the room blended together.  The carpet wasn’t practical for children as drinks were constantly being spilt and the children colouring on the floor was out of the question. The room didn’t work on any level and the owners were desperate for a contemporary scheme that was both stylish and functional.


Find a family-friendly flooring that was aspirational, affordable and practical.

After chatting with the family we decided that Laminate flooring would be the best option as it fitted all of their requirements including; budget, suitability with children and plenty of contemporary shades and styles to choose from.  After looking at Quick-Step’s laminates we choose the Impressive Ultra collection, a hard-wearing natural laminate with visible woodgrains, something that the owners were keen to have. It also has a unique water-repellent ‘HydroSeal’ coating, which means it’s the most waterproof laminate flooring ever produced.

From the 16 shades that Quick-Step offer, we choose a light oak effect with a hint of grey as this would complement the Scandinavian accessories that we planned to use in the makeover.

It’s so important to invest in a good laminate as you really appreciate the quality, badly made laminate will chip, crack and swell when in contact with water.

We used a local installation company called Flat Out Flooring run by Martin Tompsett, they were very familiar with Quick-Step and said they find it one of the easiest floors to lay due to its ‘click’ function. As well as the main floor area, Martin laid the laminate on a small set of stairs that led down to the living room, the results look great! Thankfully, Quick-Step sell all of the matching accessories which enabled Martin to create a beautifully neat finish.

As well as the flooring, the owners decided to make a few other changes including moving the radiators, this is definitely something to decide whilst the work is being carried out as you don’t want to disrupt the floor once it has been laid.

The new flooring was now a few shades paler than their existing sofa which lightened the room considerably.  We used a muted green-grey paint to ‘zone’ the living area of the room and add richness to the scheme. This wrap-around block of colour made the perfect backdrop to their blush pink furniture and accessories.

Author: Pippa Jameson

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