How to effectively hoover carpeted stairs

Simple and easy tips to look after our stairs carpet

How to effectively hoover carpeted stairs

Our stairs carpet always gets trampled on. Whether we are walking or running up and down it. Maybe the family pet is up and down it all of the time or the kids decide to shuffle down it on their bums. We need to look after our stairs carpet as well! They are easily overlooked and missed out when doing a ‘quick hoover’. Read these few easy and quick tips to see how to manage these stairs in no time.

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Step 1: Pick it up

Before you start to hoover, check the stairs and remove any objects left there so you have an unobstructed path. Also pick up scraps of paper or larger dirt items that could clog up the hoover cleaner. Now is a good time to dust the handrail and stair spindles before you hoover.

Step 2: Get cornered

On carpeted stairs the biggest build-up of dust and debris will usually be in the corners and along the edges. Choose the right nozzle attachment on your hoover cleaner. The smaller nozzle or one with a pointed profile is normally most effective at getting into corners. Work your way up the stairs concentrating on running the nozzle along the carpet edge and thoroughly cleaning in each corner. Do a double sweep by working your way up the steps, then clean your way back down… going over the edges and corners a second time.

Step 3: Work both ways

Replace the smaller corner-appropriate nozzle now, and attach the wider nozzle or beater brush to your hoover. As you work your way up, run this nozzle slowly and carefully over each step, being sure to cover the entire surface. After hoovering the flat surface, turn the attachment upside down and work it over the vertical part of the step in an up-and-down motion. As you work your way up each stair, hoover the horizontal and then the vertical surface.

Feet and paws stomping up and down stairs can leave their mark, but frequently hoovering carpeted stairs keeps the carpet looking fresher and cleaner. A canister-style vacuum is usually lighter in weight and more easily manoeuvrable for cleaning stairs. Make sure that the vacuum you choose and use has the appropriate attachments for the job, and regularly change the bag and filter, or empty the container on bag-free models. Keeping your vacuum in top condition is one way to get a better clean! For high-traffic areas like stairs, carpet with built-in stain resistance is always a good investment.

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