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How to Clean Vinyl Flooring in Your Home

This articles explains how can you clean vinyl flooring in your home

Usually people incorporate vinyl flooring in their bathrooms and kitchens since it is quite easier to clean and it is also waterproof. Warmer and cheaper compared to wood and tiles, vinyl has a cushioned core. This aids easier walking on the floor. The downside is that vinyl flooring gets untidy and dirty in a rather short span of time. But you do not need to worry and spend lots of money on expensive chemicals to clean your vinyl flooring. There are some other effective and inexpensive means which are presented in this article.

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Use a doormat to keep the floor clean. The substances you track into your house on your shoes are damaging to vinyl flooring. Dirt, tiny pits of gravel, and chemicals from asphalt are abrasive to the vinyl, and over time will cause it to get scratched and yellowed. The solution is to wipe your shoes on a doormat, or, even better, take them off when you enter the house.

Clean up spills right away. Whatever you spill, whether it’s orange juice or just a cup of water, clean it up instead of letting it dry on the floor. Sugary drinks are harder to clean once they’ve dried, and even water can damage the flooring when it’s left to sit too long. Cleaning up messes right away will keep your floor looking new and prevent you from doing a lot of work later.

For deep cleaning

Use dish soap for deeper dirt. Mix up your standard apple cider vinegar solution, but this time add a tablespoon of dish soap. The soap should help lift dirt that’s embedded in the floor. Use a mop made with nylon scrub bristles for deeper cleaning.

Use a baking soda paste on stains. Mix baking soda with enough water to make a thick paste, and use a soft cloth to rub it over stains from food, like wine or berry juice. The baking soda is slightly abrasive and should take the stains right up.

Scrub with a soft nylon brush. If there’s a tricky stain that won’t come up with a soft cloth, you can scrub with a soft nylon brush. Make sure you don’t use a stiff-bristled brush, since it could leave scratches on your floor.

Avoid these things

Don’t scrub too hard. Using a stiff-bristled brush and scrubbing too hard will take the shine off of your vinyl flooring. It’s important to use the softest possible material needed to remove dirt or stains.

Don’t use abrasive cleaners. It’s important to use the right type of cleaner for vinyl flooring. Using just any old household cleaner is likely to take the shine off the vinyl, since most contain chemicals that are too abrasive. Stick with vinegar or a commercial cleaner formulated for the type of floor you have.

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