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Hallways: Carpet or painted stairs

What should you choose for your hallway, carpet or painted stairs?

In most of our homes, stairs are the only route between different floors, so naturally they see a lot of traffic on daily basis. This daily traffic leads to the wear and tear in the decoration and design of the stairs. Carpets feel soft and comfy underfoot and also contribute to sound insulation. Painted stairs, on the other hand, provide a great look and are also easier to clean and maintain. This article compares both the options and you can easily decide which one works better for you.

Carpet or paint for your stairs? Read on to decide!

Carpet for… intricate pattern


Putting down a carpet or runner allows you to take a complex pattern onto your stairs more easily than trying to paint one on. Stripes are a traditional favorite for stair runners, but this staircase shows how a striking pattern against a soft grey backdrop looks exciting and original.

Paint for… funky striped risers


Painting the risers, not the treads, creates an unusual take on a painted staircase and produces an effect that would be impossible to create with carpet. Picking a host of candy colors adds a further shot of originality, while white walls stop the look from becoming too hectic.

Carpet for… luxury underfoot


Soft carpet feels great on bare toes and, while less practical in high traffic spaces like hallways, it works well on the stairs, pampering your feet as you climb. If you are concerned that a neutral runner lacks design oomph, take a leaf out of this staircase’s book and pick a runner with a border to create strong lines running upstairs.

Paint for… matching walls


If you paint your stair treads and risers, why stop there? Using paint gives you the freedom to take the color up the walls, too, to make a bigger splash. As few people are fans of furry walls, you probably would not do this with carpet!

 Carpet for… flowing flooring


Maybe you don’t want your stairs to make a big style statement? You just want them to feel good underfoot and tie your interior scheme together. In that case, simply continue the carpet form the lower level up the stairs for a seamless look. Here, a neutral oatmeal carpet links the levels and allows the artwork, painted wall and colorful rug to do the talking.

Paint for… an easy-care runner


If you love the fresh look and easy-to-sweep finish of painted stairs, but are also drawn to the pattern and color a stair runner brings, why not combine the two? This clever staircase sports a painted stair runner that’s striking but practical at the same time.

Author: Joanna Simmons

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