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Flooring to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

These great flooring ideas for kitchen will help you maintain it in a clean state with ease

The kitchen in your home is undoubtedly the busiest room in the house. It faces a lot of traffic daily and can sometimes get messy too. During cooking or preparing something, things can drop accidentally and spill to the floor, making it untidy, messy and dirty. The flooring in your kitchen must be strong and should be easier to maintain and clean. This article provides some excellent flooring options for your kitchen.

Read the complete article to learn good flooring ideas for your kitchen!

Easy Clean Ceramic Kitchen Floors

Ceramics in their natural state are porous materials made mostly from clay and sediments fired hard. However most ceramic flooring gets a glass glaze poured over it during the manufacturing process. This glaze is virtually impenetrable to water penetration, stains, mold, and mildew. It can also be printed to match a wide variety of colors and patterns giving you a lot of creative possibilities in the kitchen.

Concrete Kitchen Flooring Maintenance

This is really only a viable option for first floor basement apartment kitchens. In below grade and some top level installations concrete will already be present under the existing floor. This material is tough, durable, and can be treated to be resistant to water stains. At the same time there are several relatively inexpensive decorative effects than can make it much more attractive in a kitchen than the stark industrial look it is associated with.

Linoleum – The Natural Kitchen Flooring Alternative

Linoleum is a manufactured resilient flooring material that is similar in properties to vinyl. It can resist water, though not quite as well, and is relatively easy to clean and maintain with a surface that seems to repel stains and mould. It does suffer from curling and can be damaged by large amounts of standing water, but this is balanced by the fact that it is made from all natural, easily renewable resources making it an eco-friendly resilient kitchen flooring choice.

Author: Joseph Lewitin

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