Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Everyone claims to have the best prices so how do I know you are competitive?

A. We buy flooring direct from the largest manufacturers in Europe. Some of our deliveries are massive with literally a truck-load of carpets at amazing prices. We are clearance agent for some of the largest carpet manufacturers in the UK and Europe. Our shop is filled with high quality roll ends and remnants that are amazing value for money. All of our roll-ends are less than half the price that you would expect to pay for a cut length order of the same product, these roll ends are generated on a daily basis by the manufacturers as they cut down huge rolls of carpet for customer orders. These roll-ends come in all qualities, colours and sizes and typically cost less than half the usual retail price. We pride ourselves in having a shop full of the best selection of roll-ends and remnants in the Manchester area. Many are real luxury carpets, 50oz & 60oz Wool Twists & Berbers, Luxurious deep pile Saxonies, heavyweight Wilton carpets and Modern twists. Trendy stripes and Hard-wearing Berbers are always in stock and are available to take away immediately or have fitted by one of our professional and experienced in days. All of these factors make us confident that our prices and service just can’t be beaten.


Q. I live 20 miles away from Urmston, do you fit carpets in my area?

A. Yes we will happily fit carpets, vinyl or laminate flooring within a 50 mile radius of Urmston, this covers most of the North West.


Q. I have had problems with poor fitting from other shops in the past. What guarantees do you give?

A. All of our fitting team are highly trained and experienced fitters who take pride in their work. We regularly check their work is up to our high standards. We also give a 12 month fitting guarantee with all work for you peace of mind.


Q. What carpets do you have in stock?

A. We have over 500 rolls of carpet and carpet roll ends / remnants in stock today. We have carpets to suit every style and budget, from bargain room size roll ends for under £30 to high quality prestige collections at seriously discounted prices. We specialise in surplus and clearance stock from the UK and Europe’s largest manufacturers so you’re sure to find something. If you have seen a product at another carpet retailer we will probably have the same product available but under a different name as the national retailers change the names on all their products to try and stop people shopping around.


Q. How long does it take to get my flooring fitted once I have ordered it?

A. If the flooring is in stock we can usually fit within 24 hours if you’re in a real hurry! Otherwise book your fitting day in store at your leisure. Special orders usually take a couple of days to a week or two depending on whether it is coming from the UK or Europe. Your sales advisor will be able to give you an idea of how long an order will take when you place the order in store.


Q. We’re not ready to have our flooring fitted yet but want to get it ordered, how long can you keep it for?

A. We regularly keep customer orders in our warehouse for several weeks while you get your decorating finished off comfortable in the knowledge that your new flooring is ready to be fitted once you are ready.


Q. Do you do weekly payments or Interest Free Credit?

A. We currently do not offer Interest Free Credit. We looked in to this at length and discovered that the finance companies that offer this to retailers charge a commission on each transaction. Unfortunately this extra cost is passed on to you the customer as the retailers that offer Interest Free Credit work this commission into their prices and in general a higher price is charged for the carpet to cover this extra cost.
We have decided that we would much prefer to offer the lowest possible price in the first place saving you money in the long run as often customers who take out Interest Free Credit end up switching to Interest Bearing Credit at the end of the interest free period and that is where the finance company make their money.


Q. What do I do if I want my Hall / Stairs / Landing measuring?

A. Please refer to our “How to Measure” page this will give you an idea of how to do a simple plan of any area.
Bring this plan with you and we will be able to block plan your sizes to give you a price in store. We will often check measure complicated areas or rooms free of charge to confirm sizes and price and also our fitters often prefer to cut up carpets in store rather than at your property.


Q. How does the Free Fitting, Free Delivery, Free Grippers and Free Doorplates Offer work?

A. When you usually buy carpets you will find it costs you quite a lot to have the carpet fitted professionally. But not with Urmston Carpets as our amazing free fitting offer means you get free fitting for your carpets when you buy the equivalent size of any of our fantastic value for money underlays. Our underlay products are all top quality, and will help to make your carpet feel more luxurious underfoot whilst also protecting your carpet and extending its lifetime. You also get free delivery, free grippers and doorplates for those areas. We do apply a small surcharge of £30 for fitting carpet on stairs.


Q. I don’t need new underlay. How much will it cost to have my carpet fitted?

A. If you have existing underlay that is in good condition and don’t wish to take advantage of our fantastic free fitting offer we can arrange the fitting of your new carpets on your existing underlay for a minimal charge.
Carpet Fitting is £2 per metre, minimum £35 with free delivery included
Our Stair surcharge is an additional £30 Please bear in mind that all manufacturers of carpet recommend that carpet is fitted on new underlay to comply with their guarantees and warranties.


Q. I need 4 rooms and the stairs / landing in the same carpet. Can you do this?

A. No problem. We have hundreds of rolls of carpet available and often it works out cheaper to do the same carpet throughout as we can utilize small pieces of waste from rooms to do your stairs.


Q. How much does it cost to fit a Kitchen or Bathroom in vinyl?

A. Our vinyl fitting charge is £4 per metre based on the size of the piece. Minimum fit charge of £40.00.


Q. Which carpet is best on my stairs?

A. Most of our carpets can be fitted on stairs. However, some are better than others and will be more durable and wear better in high traffic areas such as stairs. Our sales advisors will guide you in store with advice on the best carpet for your budget and needs.


Q. Is there an extra charge for delivery of my carpets?

A. Not if you are purchasing underlay with your carpets. If you just want the carpet we will deliver for £15


Q. I want to arrange my own fitting is this a problem?

A. No problem at all. If you would like to fit the carpet yourself or have your own fitter do the installation that is fine just give us a call the day before collection and we will have your order ready.


Q. I need a stain proof carpet, what would you recommend?

A. Many of our roll-ends and remnants are stain resistant and bleach cleanable. Also, most of our Premier Collection are too, please feel free to ask in store about stain resistant carpets.


Q. I haven’t bought a new carpet before. What do you recommend I do?

A. Have a quick look at the how to measure guide, come to the store with some rough sizes and we will happily take you around the store showing you lots of options at various prices. We can guide you through the whole process from start to finish with no pressure. We will make it as easy as possible for you.


The 5 Easy Steps to your new flooring

  1. Measure your rooms or hall, stairs and landing using our “How to measure Guide”If you require any help please feel free to get in touch with us at the store
  2. Call in to our Carpet and Flooring Superstore and select from our vast range of heavily discounted carpets, laminate flooring and vinyl
  3. Arrange a convenient fitting date and if you fell necessary a free home check measure
  4. Take up your old flooring and give the areas a quick clean or alternatively opt for our Diamond Service where our fitters will uplift your old flooring.
  5. Have your new flooring installed by our professional fitters and then sit back, relax and enjoy your new flooring for many years to come. It’s as easy as that!