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Current Trends in Hardwood Flooring

These are the latest trends in hardwood flooring

There are many types of flooring present in the market right now. Today, we have a lot more options than there were in the past. Advancement in technology has really resulted in many different types of flooring. Although there are a lot of different floorings available, hardwood still remains one of the most popular flooring by far. People prefer hardwood flooring over other options, especially for their homes. There are several products in the market that try to replicate the look of hardwood flooring.

Even with plenty of other types of flooring available, some people still want the real hardwood flooring due to the several benefits it offers over other types of flooring. Hardwood flooring is natural, comfortable and warm. In addition to that, hardwood flooring also offers durability – it can even last for over a century! Other than all these amazing traits of the hardwood flooring, it also provides you with the flexibility to refinish it whenever you want to change the color and appearance, in order to keep up with the fashion trends and changes.

Of course, you are aware that there are so many different trends in flooring these days that you cannot decide which one to go with.  It is always better to choose something according to your preference rather than just following the trend. However, if you can somehow manage both, it is the best approach. This article provides a great insight about different trends in hardwood flooring. If you are perplexed about the kind of hardwood flooring that you want, give it a read and reach the best decision.

Learn about the current trends in hardwood flooring by reading the full article!

Dark and cool tones

Hardwood flooring trends for 2018Yes, the trend towards darker colours keeps growing and growing. It’s been on the rise for the last decade or so.  We seem to find two types of customers – 1) ones that prioritise style over maintenance and they tend to go darker and darker (these customers tend to be households without kids (either “pre-kids” or kids that have gone to college) or wealthier households that have extra help to keep the floors extra clean) or 2) those that absolutely love dark floors but want to go a bit lighter so that the floors are easier to maintain.

Either way, one thing is consistent:  Cool tones are strongly preferred.  There is a strong move away from warmer tones (e.g. reds, red/brown blends or yellow undertones) and a preference towards browns that are more pure and cooler (i.e no red undertones).  Cool tones are preferred both the walls (especially greys) and floors, and these work hand in hand together.  I even see some customers blending in a touch of grey to the dark browns (both to lighten it a bit and to add coolness and depth to the colour.

Grey, grey blends and white washes

Grey hardwood floors – 2018 hardwood flooring trends Yes, gray, gray and more gray.  Gray flooring has been on the rise, and you can see it everywhere you go – in wood, tile that looks like wood, and grey vinyl planks that look like wood.  I think I started to notice the trend and demand for gray hardwood flooring around 2010 or 2011.  First, I really only saw this in pre-finished (or factory made wood), and it wasn’t until 2012 or so when I started to get lots of local customers ask us to refinish their existing floors and turn them grey.

Over the last 2 to 3 years, we’ve been seeing more variations on the grays where people will blend in some browns for a gray/beige (or griege) look.  White washes have also grown in popularity (but they are also harder and more expensive to achieve with real hardwood).

Natural looking finishes (Satin, Matte and flatter sheens)

2018 hardwood floor trends – low sheen low luster finish. Matte and satin finishes are the most popular sheens.  It’s all about low luster.  Semi-gloss and glossy finishes are very dated, and very difficult to maintain, as they show every speck of dust, scratch and dent.  Over the last few years, flatter finishes have become even more popular as more and more people are going for water borne poly, especially the higher grade Bona Traffic.  For walls, flat paint finishes are also more popular and stylish.

The great news for matte and satin finishes is that they are both popular and practical.  They are easier to clean and look better longer.

On-site refinishing (vs. pre-finished wood)

There has been a rising preference for site finished hardwood over pre-finished wood (i.e wood manufactured and finished in a factory).  Site finished wood looks better – it’s more contemporary and has cleaner lines.  Pre-finished wood often has stripes on the edges where you can see the underlying colour of the wood underneath, especially if you are using a wood with a stain. This is not always obvious when you are looking samples, but it’s very apparent once you see the wood installed across an entire floor.

Site finished wood looks more professional and has a more consistent colour and finish across the floor.  It’s smoother on your feet and much easier to clean.  (Pre-finished wood has micro-beveled edges where dust gets caught.  It’s also a much better option if you using hardwood in your kitchen.

And, importantly site finished wood is customisable.  You have the ability to test and mix stains on you wood and look at them in your own home and lighting.  You can also choose your desired finish (e.g. matte or satin).

Author: Debbie

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