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Choosing the Right Carpet Colours for Your Home

Are you ready to make the big decision of what carpet to have in your home?

This is a big decision for everyone especially when trying to figure out what goes best with everything in your room. From furnishings to curtains to accessories you are trying to see what goes best with your new carpet! You can make anything work in your room but also what is in fashion these days? People mainly go for the warmer looking colours like beige, browns, golds etc. Any earthy looking colours are also popular like light blues, khaki, suede etc. There are many things to consider when choosing your carpet. Below in this article it goes through a few points that you may want to consider.

The following tips may help you choose the right carpet for the rooms in your home:

  • Level of traffic – The more your carpet will be walked across, the more danger of spills, stains and tracked-in dirt. Lighter carpets can be treated to be more stain resistant, but the less expensive ones will still show wear and tear faster than darker-coloured rugs. If you have pets or non-paved outdoor areas, more dirt will be tracked in than if you live on a paved lot. Hallways and all-purpose living areas tend to take the worst beating. Most carpet is not recommended for kitchen use.
  • Use of space – Do you want your carpet to brighten up a dark room or tone down a too-light space? Red is a perfect choice for darker family rooms, living rooms and hallways. It wears well and tends not to show stains as badly as some of the lighter colours. For rooms that have excessive sunlight, you will need to also think about fading, a problem that is more obvious with dark carpets.
  • Personality match – Does the rug colour match your personality? Casual, more-relaxed people tend to favour the warmer colours and earth tones. Detail-oriented people, on the other hand, often prefer blues, blacks, whites, greys and jewel tones. Do you feel more comfortable walking in rooms whose rugs are in one colour family or the other?
  • Design match – Do you want a carpet that blends in to your overall fashion design or one that makes its own fashion statement? Every room needs one main focal point. Your rug can be that point or it can support another object such as a painting or piece of furniture. You just don’t want the carpet competing, or your room will feel too busy and confusing.
  • If all else fails – Choose beige. It is a safe colour that goes well with white walls but also works with other colours. A mottled light brown rug will camouflage pet activities and stand up well to daily wear. You really can’t go wrong with beige.

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