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Caring for your hall, landing and stairs’ carpets

Maintain the carpets in your hall, landing and stairs and keep them fresh and new

Professional care for carpets can really help you maintain your carpets and keep them fresh and new looking. The professional team can easily remove the deep ingrained soil particles that get trapped inside the fibers of your carpet. Indeed, vacuuming and cleaning can keep your carpet clean but sometimes it is the professional service that can really work for you and give your carpets a shiny and brand new look.

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Debris that lies deep in your carpets, will erode the fibers over time and you’ll end up with flat, lifeless areas (especially in high traffic areas).

It’s not just about removing obvious stains and dirt – a good carpet cleaner can significantly prolong the lifespan of your carpets and save you money.


And your hall and stairs are always the areas that visitors see first – making it even more important to make a great impression!

If you’ve opted for beige or light colored carpets in your hall and on your stairs, it’s very easy to forget their original color!


Due to the heavy soil and potential for damage on hall and stairs carpets, it is important to vacuum these areas more regularly. This will remove enough dry soils in between professional cleaning appointments so they’re not continually ground into the carpeting, causing permanent damage.

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