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Caring for Your Carpet

Some tips to maintain your carpets and extend their lifespan

Maintaining the carpets in your home can sometimes prove to be much of a hassle and problem. However, with employing some simple tips and tricks, you can easily maintain your carpets and also increase their lifespan. This guide answers various questions that are inside the minds of all carpet owners, old and new.

Worried about maintaining and caring for your carpet? This guide is the one you are looking for!

Is there a kind of carpet I should have bought that wouldn’t get dirty so easily?

The new carpet you’ll see in houses today is 85 percent nylon, and almost all the rest is wool. Both kinds are virtually indestructible. Nylon has a little more built-in stain resistance than wool, but wool may wear a little better. After about seven or eight years, nylon fibres tend to lose their lustre. We say that the carpet ‘uglies out’ before it wears out.

How do you recommend protecting carpet from heavy furniture feet?

It’s not so much the indentations you should be concerned about, it’s the wear and tear from chairs being moved around a lot. Above all we recommend putting a plastic chair mat under your desk chair.

Will padding extend the carpet’s lifespan?

Absolutely. Padding absorbs shocks. You especially want it on stairs, where the carpet has to take a lot of pounds per square inch.

Is it okay to clean with one of those shampooing machines you can rent?

Worst mistake you could make.

How often should I call in the professionals?

The most often you’d need would be three or four times a year, for a room heavily used by young kids. The less trafficked areas can be cleaned once or twice year, and you could get away with every 18 months for a bedroom. Once you see that your carpet’s dirty, you probably should have it cleaned. Not mainly for the appearance, but for health reasons — getting rid of dust, mould, bacteria, and mildew, the pollutants that get trapped in soft surfaces.

Author: Eve M. Kahn

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