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Best Flooring Options to Keep Your Home Cool

Here’s how can you keep your home cool with smart flooring

As the temperature rises, it becomes difficult to handle without the help of air conditioners. But the problem with air conditioners is that they consume a lot of energy which directly impacts the electricity bill, which is not cheap. Sometimes you need to think of smarter ways to beat the heat and this article helps you with one way of achieving this. i.e., through flooring. If you are deciding to replace the flooring in your house or if you are building a new home, you can select one of these flooring options to keep your home cool during summer.

Read the complete article to learn about floorings that will keep your home cool in summer!


Many Arizona homes already have tile floors, but did you know that tile does more than make your home look great? Tile stays cool and it is very easy to clean, which is a plus considering all the summer dust storms we get here in Arizona. Tile comes in a variety of materials, sizes and colors, making it perfect for every room in your home! If you’re on the hunt for luxurious tile, take a look at these three types. We guarantee that they will add style to your home while they keep you cool.


Give your home an ancient Roman look with travertine flooring. The unique texture of this stone makes for an eye-catching display—every tile is unique. Whether you are looking for tile for an indoor space or an outdoor space, travertine is a great choice. Use tumbled travertine to give your home a more rustic look or try filled travertine for a sleeker and luxurious feel.


Marble has been used as flooring for thousands of years, and has always been symbolic of wealth and opulence. Along with its reputation as a cool surface, marble is also known for its cleanliness. Marble may be one of the more expensive flooring options, but it is a strong, long-lasting stone, and is therefore a great investment for flooring.


Design opportunities are endless with ceramic flooring. Ceramic comes in almost any colour, texture or pattern. Modern manufacturing techniques allow ceramic tiles to be created to look almost identical to more expensive, natural stone tiles, like marble, for a better price.


If you care about being “green,” concrete is the flooring for you. Concrete is one of the most environmentally friendly types of flooring—it stays cool in the summer and retains heat in the winter, and can stand up to some of your biggest messes. Install concrete in your home and watch those heating and air conditioning bills drop! You can install it anywhere in your home—in the bathroom, in the kitchen, and even in the foyer.

Many people think of modern, industrial spaces when they think of concrete. However, concrete is extremely versatile and can be made luxurious to fit with the style of your home, both indoors and outdoors. This flooring option can be stained and polished for a sleek look or textured for better traction and a more rustic look.

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