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Bathroom Ideas

Some bathroom ideas for your home

Choosing the layout of a bathroom is particularly difficult and even more challenging is the selection of flooring for the bathroom. The challenge of selecting the layout of the bathroom becomes more difficult if the space is compact and you need to be creative and come up with different ideas to decide the layout and design of the bathroom. This article provides some very good and creative ideas for designing the bathroom in your home. If you are building a new home, then this guide can help you decide the flooring for your bathroom, which can sometimes be a difficult task.

A good way to design your bathroom is to add a mirror wall. A mirror wall across a hall can double the look and feel of the room. Mirrors also work great for reflecting the lighting of the room, so it is very energy efficient and can increase the lighting too. Another good option for bathrooms is hanging toilets. If you have space on the walls on the bathroom, you can use hanging toilets to conserve space on the floor as well as legroom in the toilet. If the toilet cannot be wall mounted, you can add shelves for the additional storage and you can also extend your vanity top in the bathroom, to create a narrow ledge.

Read the complete article to learn more about the layout and design of the flooring of the bathrooms in your home!

Lose the Tub

Tubs take up twice the amount of floor space than showers. If you have the option to lose the tub, you’ll open up your small bathroom significantly. Showers are great for adults and guests, especially older ones. If you add a hand shower, showers are also excellent for getting pets clean too. However, if you have children and you need to keep the tub for bathing them, then consider a lower profile tub. The lower height makes getting in and out easier and it will make your room feel more open as well.

Frameless Glass Tub and Shower Panels

Let’s be honest, no one likes shower curtains. They stick to you when you’re showering and they are a pain to clean. Shower curtains also close off one-third of your room visually. To prevent this, swap out your shower curtain with a frameless glass panel instead. This will open up your bathroom significantly and allow more light into your shower or tub. Glass panels are easy to install, maintain and are perfect for small bathrooms. They can be either fixed in place or hinged to swing. You can fold hinged glass panels inward when the shower is not in use as well. Avoid sliding glass panels, which require top and bottom tracks and are more difficult to clean.

Small Sinks and Floating Vanities

As with wall mounted toilets, wall mounted sinks are an excellent way to save floor space and to make your small bathroom appear more open. If storage is key, try a wall mounted floating vanity. Look for narrow washbasin designs and for the newer thin-edge sinks. The ceramic is just as strong as it is with a traditional sink and you’ll get a larger washbasin in less space.

Combine Dark Floors with Lighter Walls

With small bathrooms you want to be strategic with color. Dark walls will make an already small bathroom feel smaller. Light walls will reflect more light and make your small bathroom feel larger. Reserve dark colors for the floor or keep the overall scheme light. If you have wood floors, look for shower tiles that match the wood in color and tone. This will create the illusion of a continuous floor and won’t draw your eye to the smallest part of the room.

Author: Frankie Elmquist

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