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6 Household Cleaning Products That Could Harm Your Dog

Have you heard that some cleaners can harm your dog?

Muddy paw prints, nose smudges, globs of fur stuck in the floor are something that a dog lover has to deal with every day. Cleaning a home is not optional for general sanitary reasons. Whether you’ve been a dog owner for years or just got a new pet recently, you may be aware of the importance of firing off the dangerous household items. But is this enough to ensure the safety of your pooch? Well, the answer is no.

You have to grapple with other hazards that often go unnoticed by the dog lovers. Yes, we are talking about the household cleaning products. Household cleaners can cause harm to the health of your dog.

Here’s a list of some household cleaning items that can pose a threat to your four-legged pal.

  1. Floor Cleaners

Dogs love to spend their time lying on the floor, and it’s probably the space you use many products on, too. The vapor still lingers even if you try hard to get the entire residue off the floor which can be dangerous for your beloved pet. 

  1. Bathroom Cleaners

Bathroom cleanser with ammonia or other hazardous chemicals can cause the ulcer to your dog. Toxic cleaners with chlorine, glycol ethers or formaldehyde can put your dog at risk for cancer, anemia, liver and kidney damage. Hence keep it out of reach of your quadruped to ensure their safety.

  1. All-Purpose Cleaners

Some all-purpose cleaners scream “Danger!” and you have to be very careful while using and if possible try to replace it with some natural alternative. When absorbed or inhaled, some of the cleaners can cause serious health issues to your pet.

  1. Drain Openers

Have you ever thought the cleaning products that you poured down the drain could be harmful to your dog? Yes, you heard it right. The toxic drain openers give off the hazardous fumes even if you’ve emptied them long ago and make a source of illness for your pet.

  1. Glass Cleaners

Glass cleaners sound simple and safe to many of us but don’t be fooled. Instead of chemical cleaners try natural window and glass cleaning products to take off the risk of hazard to your pet.

  1. Laundry Detergent

The residue that is left behind by the laundry detergent on clothes and pet blankets can be harmful to your pet, especially to those who chomp on their bedding.

Avoiding detergents with toxic ingredients will make a wise move to keep your pet free from the health risks.


Now, as you are aware of the warning signs of using toxic cleaning products, it’s better to have non-toxic and pet safe lines of cleaners. Give a big part of your loving response to the bundle of joy and love offered by your adorable friend through careful protection.

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