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16 Wood Flooring Trends to Watch for

Turn your home into one of the best trends this year!

So you are making up your mind to update your flooring but not sure what to go for? We’ve got some useful advice for you. From statement designs to dark boards, the flooring world has seen the wood floor sound and adopting the modern trends to take over as the most appealing design feature of any home or office. Don’t have any idea of which design you should be taking notice of? Here are the 16 emerging trends on the wooden flooring world that we think you should be looking out for.

  1. Dark Stained Wood Floors

Need to make a statement? Go for dark stained wood floors with contrasting to keep pace with the hot white cabinet trend going on right now.

  1. Blonde Wood Floors

Light, blonde wood flooring is gaining steam this year. When you need to make your room look bigger, brighter and more open, go for the light blonde flooring.

  1. Gray Wood Floors

Grey wood flooring is making a splash throughout homes in cabinetry and yes, on wood floors too! Although it is predicted that it would soon be on its way out, grey is still going strong.

  1. Hand Scraped Wood Floors

Natural, rustic and unique hand scraped hardwood floors appear to be here for the long haul. The exceptional handcrafted look makes the home appear finished, classic and rare that will stand the test of time.

  1. Wire Brushed Wood Floors

Giving an appearance of hand scraped wood, wire brushing wood floors is moving their way to every modern home. The aged, distressed look conferred by the intentional scratches give the floor a unique style.

  1. Satin Finished Wood Floors

Ultra glossy finishes are out now. Understated, flat finishes with less shine are taking their place as a stylish choice for home and offices.

  1. Matte Finished Wood Floors

It may initially seem as dull and boring, but matte finished wood floors are stepping into the spotlight. Sating finish is getting the hype as a sophisticated flooring option.

  1. Herringbone Wood Floors

You may have envisaged the 1970s short plank parquet flooring. But we are talking about the trendy herringbone flooring layouts with longer planks that adds interest and depth to the eye.

  1. Diagonal / Angled Wood Floors

Laying the wood flooring at an angle rather than straight on gives your floor a unique, modern and expensive appeal.

  1. Wide Plank Wood Floors

More massive planks make space appear more prominent, modern and elegant. People are trending towards wider planks which signifying that this classic staple will likely last the test of time.

  1. Mixed Width Wood Floors

Our love for detail and the unexpected makes the mixed width wood floors all the rage these days. Combining multiple width planks, it let the flooring pop.

  1. Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood flooring is making a trend that is going to stick around for a decade. It simply means recycling or taking off the old building materials and reusing them.

  1. Bamboo

Working its way into homes for years, the bamboo floor trend is not going anywhere.

  1. Cork

Resilient with a unique look, the eco-friendly, and joint-friendly cork has been trending for years.

  1. Engineered Wood

The less finicky feature and traditional appearance of engineered wood flooring make the families and pet owners lean towards it.

  1. American Grown

Diminishing the political barrier, American grown flooring is making its way to every home that needs a classic touch.

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